Ilo Harbour

La Mar Azul

I worked a pair of summers in Ilo city. I am originally from the highlands (12 000 feet above the sea level) but I’ve the attraction of the Sea. And my ancestors have felt it too for thousands of years. The sunsets from the harbour are fantastic, so when I had the chance to pass near Ilo I took a taxi to there… But I wasn’t familiar with the climate, those sunsets are just in summer, the rest of the year the sky has an overcast condition: ouch!

Anyway, there is beauty in everything so I took, stubbornly, photographs in the harbour.

See, something there

Take the chance

Hidden Sunset

Waiting for you, forever, and one day more

The next photograph was made with a Haida ND1000 filter. It helps to take long exposures, if your camera says that the time of exposition is 1/1000 of second then with the filter you multiply by 1000 so your exposure last 1 second. In this case the exposition was half a minute. But that is just miscellaneous; I wanted to create a quieter mood…

A landscape made of dreams

I was very late to my sunset, late for several months indeed, lol. A few photographs more and to take a bus to travel again. I’ve nice memories from Ilo.

To the treasure island


Neptune Conqueror



6 thoughts on “Ilo Harbour

    1. Thanks very much, James. I think it’s a luck that that city is not touristic, so the landscape and people are more natural and are less aware of cameras and more focused in live the life in the city.

    1. Oh, it’s the local fauna of Ilo, there are a lot of sea lions and earless seals. Probably it was a little sea lion fishing, they are more comfortable to venture in that distance to the harbor.

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