Wooden city

wooden city


Curious, in comics usually the cities in the future have high buildings without windows.

As an architect I guess it could be a material transparent inside and opaque outside, or panels where they could work also as screens and simulate to be invisibles or opaque.

As a person that likes to draw I think it’s just a pain, in the place where the back losses its name, to draw thousands of windows :P

2 thoughts on “Wooden city

    1. My current camera is a Sony R1 but sometimes I use a Fujifim X-E1 with the extraordinary 35mm 1.4. I preferred the Fujifilm system because the lens has the same philosophy of R1 about don’t rely on software but are optically corrected. (to be fair the R1 don’t rely in software more because it’s an oldie)
      I would like to use it more but I gave it to my father who is journalist.

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