This was more an experiment stacking a circular polarizer and a neutral density filter for long exposures, I would like to have in that moment a graduated filter to balance the sky, too. With film I would need a light meter to don’t waste the film, or experiment but with the issue of need to pay and try to remember what I did wrong. But that’s something that I want to share better in another post.

Actually this photo had a severe underexposure so I took a bit more (photos) correcting the time, but in the computer I liked the vignetting due to stack filters and the mood for the lack of exposure. I just converted to black and white and cropped et voilà, it was ready the food, I mean the photograph, lol.

4 thoughts on “Claroscuro

    1. Oh, I write it incorrectly, Sumana. When I wrote “had a severe underexposure so I took a bit more correcting the time” I wanted to say “I took a bit more PHOTOS correcting the time”:P I mean taking others with longer exposures. You can see a longer exposure in the post “Ilo harbour” from last Monday.

      This is not corrected, it’s edited by RAW converter but minimal edition (convert to B&W and cropping)

      If I would did heavy editions on this image for ethics I wouldn’t tagged it as “Photography” but my another category “altered” Kind regards, Sumana.

  1. An excelent picture, Rei. I do prefer colors, but this one in special is beautiful, at all. Congrats.

    Cordial regards from mexican pacific coast, mon ami.

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