Editions I wouldn’t do (much) again


white vignetting

I usually edit my photographs because I know their limitations and what I see and feel not always match but the camera sees. This because a camera, digital or film, are engineered to work with basic parameters, for example the white balance in one camera could tend to give the photographs a bluish tint. And I want to feel that I am not a camera tester but I’ve been able to take a photograph about something a saw as an expression or something I felt as an warm atmosphere.

As a beginner although I’ve committed crimestakes, I mean, mistakes, applying filters from third people and do a lot of editing till the photograph is more an image, interesting to me, but so different from what I saw or felt. The first image corresponds to white vignetting, I applied it but I think it has no much meaning. Clichés sometimes work, sometimes not.

Nevertheless I like the altered photographs but they are from a previous time.


saturating till see my eyes bleed

Saturation is very tempting. I try to saturate just when there is no another way to express my impression about a colour. And if it’s from landscape usually is not needed to saturate them because they are already strong.


as photographs of yore

Toned as the photographs from more than a century ago. We live in another time and we have to get our own road.

wait for me

false film grain

Black and white is a honest way to see the world when your eyes are in love with shapes and textures, but the danger using presets is for example the simulated black and white grain, not from medium format but one from second world war. I don’t see the need for that, it’s a bit like despise the nature of a digital camera that has another grade of equivalent grain, the noise.


“reducing” noise till wipe details out

This could be a temptation when editing compact cameras that could be noisy at low ISOs or with the big ones when shooting at higher ISOs. In little sizes it doesn’t look bad but when you make them bigger it’s like it was more than a photography a painting with not so aesthetic big brushes.

inferno alpha

Over sharpening till see the atoms dance

I’ve noticed that I try to abuse of that tool when my photographs are not in focus. Focusing carefully avoid to fall in this field.

I don’t say you shouldn’t to do that. Every person is free and I am going to remake the mistakes if the photograph can end as a nice image. Even more is healthy to try and to fail to learn.

Besides it is about having fun, and nothing funnier than make angry to photographic critics ;-)