Beer Hypercubicus (or about real poverty)

beer hypercubicus

I am from one of the poorest provinces in a country that was super poor and now is not that poor. Which is sad because before we were a rich empire with obsession in genetics and environment control.

One thing I hear regularly is that people has money for nothing, that they barely can survive in a world where everything is more expensive and with a State that should give them money. Curiously every Saturday, or Sunday, or since Friday to Monday if there is a happy reason, I see that same people buying boxes and boxes of beer. I think every box costs about 45 dollars…

With that I don’t want to paint me as a saint, I dislike beer so I don’t spend my money in that, but the same way I guess I spend a lot in books, software, some luxuries,¬†etcetera. But I think I can say that if I am poor or something it’s my responsibility.

By the way I hope to finish my review of the Canon EF film camera¬†in at least one month. I got to repair it completely, get rolls of Portra 160, Ektar 100 and Fuji Pro 400h and I am selecting the places to go to see if it can be a reliable experience in my country, because it’s a beautiful medium but it has certain limits for the lack of skilled labs.

Meanwhile a photo ;-)