Beer Hypercubicus (or about real poverty)

beer hypercubicus

I am from one of the poorest provinces in a country that was super poor and now is not that poor. Which is sad because before we were a rich empire with obsession in genetics and environment control.

One thing I hear regularly is that people has money for nothing, that they barely can survive in a world where everything is more expensive and with a State that should give them money. Curiously every Saturday, or Sunday, or since Friday to Monday if there is a happy reason, I see that same people buying boxes and boxes of beer. I think every box costs about 45 dollars…

With that I don’t want to paint me as a saint, I dislike beer so I don’t spend my money in that, but the same way I guess I spend a lot in books, software, some luxuries, etcetera. But I think I can say that if I am poor or something it’s my responsibility.

By the way I hope to finish my review of the Canon EF film camera in at least one month. I got to repair it completely, get rolls of Portra 160, Ektar 100 and Fuji Pro 400h and I am selecting the places to go to see if it can be a reliable experience in my country, because it’s a beautiful medium but it has certain limits for the lack of skilled labs.

Meanwhile a photo ;-)


2 thoughts on “Beer Hypercubicus (or about real poverty)

  1. great looking camera:) when it comes to wealth and alcohol consumption, different studies paint different pictures! In Poland, the most visible are poor drinkers, you see them on the streets, the rich prefer indoors. Wanda

    1. Thanks, Wanda :-) I don’t like beer but I love, a lot @_@, wine. In my country it’s more a cultural issue. When you have guests it’s an obligation to offer to them the best, in the old day, among other things, it was fermented chicha (a drink made with certain kinds of corn or quinoa) and in these days it’s the beer.
      I guess people see that not like an expense but a courtesy, so they don’t take it in account to say think in themselves as being into poverty.

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