Square – A

I demand!

Square composition usually demands minimalism and a certain balance. Square is a basic and strong figure so thus the compositions accomplished with it. If square were my unique format of composition when we speak of photographic formats then I’d like to have a 6×6 medium format camera. But the world is so diverse that actually I would end cropping far more than I would like to cut.

This is Sparta XP, I mean, this is Square:

Where are my stars?

Two travelers trees


Time of Lights

Stellar Ocean

Metallic walker

Essence in blue

Just a bit more until the land

Celestial rivers

Red temperament

Like an exploding sun


5 thoughts on “Square – A

  1. Qué va! Digo lo que es. :) Me encanta lo que haces, en verdad es muy bonito.
    (Recibo abrazos en xat también, digo, por si las moscas :P)

    1. I am an architect that happens to love open spaces a lot ;-)
      From an amateur photographer (and amateur in the sense to do something because love) to another I feel very close to me your photographs about skies and the earth (the mother earth or as we reverence it the Pachamama), they are if like I almost could grab the earth in my hands as a coming back to the nature. I love you too to read your sweet Polski because I can read every sentence (with the translator of course) with more calm and thinking about them patiently.
      I feel welcomed too in the wide-openness of your photographs :-)
      Buziaki and a big hug, Francis

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