Intiwatana or Intihuatana (pronounced inti-what-Anna) is an object from old times with a mysterious function. Traditionally it’s thought as a solar watch and currently is thought as a place to try to tie the Sun to the Earth and get light and fertility.

Usually they are stones with abstract forms.

What is the truth? I don’t know, the knowledge to read them probably disappeared long ago. I suspect that the lines are aligned to configure directions in festive and agricultural calendars but the main meaning is to give a beautiful object to the earth and the Sun as a way to say “thanks” similar to the “pata” (andenes in aymara) If something I know is that the old constructions gave answers to several questions as scientific, spiritual, historic, social and, this is very important, in harmony with sacred local places.

By just in case I made this conceptual Intihuatana to tie the Sun to the Earth and a beautiful gift to you ;-)

8 thoughts on “Intiwatana

  1. Its a beautiful gift to our eyes, dear Petete. :) It looks like a graceful solar piñata… :P I do really like it. :)
    Huge hug, dear Petetus peruviensis. :)

    1. A piñata? :P, well, that’s a great compliment to a humble spotlight in a forgotten stair, compared to the work of arts that are piñatas.
      A big hug miss Lis :-)

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