Alone (again)

There was not time, not even for an ave et vale; at least there was a bit for a thanks.

Thanks for prove that my dream exists.


9 thoughts on “Alone (again)

  1. Noto una pizca de tristeza en esta fotografía, espero esté todo bien, mon cher Petete. :)
    Enorme abrazo enviado desde la lejanía. :)

    1. Si, un poquito pero no por la fotografía sino porque otra persona “desapareció”, así que sólo me queda desearle que se encuentre bien.
      Otro abrazo fuertote desde aquí :-)

    1. I think it’s a blessing when you need to be with yourself; and a curse if precisely you would like to be closer to someone in special.
      My blog is more a personal diary of thoughts or experiences (a photograph can be those too) than a public blog. So I know that she is not going to see my farewell. I refer to a person I met briefly and it felt like years and suddenly she is not anymore in internet (I hope she is well). I don’t tagged the post for that reason as photography.
      The photo was taken in the lake Titicaca, when I felt something similar as solitude. For that reason I thought could say better than my words what I tried to say me.
      Thanks for your visit, Wanda =) buziaki, Francis.

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