Pause in middle of an urban storm



My city, Juliaca (probably the true name is “Xullaca”), has human occupation from thousand of years ago but certainly is not touristic and it has fame┬áto be an ugly city. But we can develop a sense of beauty in any place we have grew up and I find it in the life of it. It’s a commercial city so there is a lot of flyers, posters, ads, signs, in the most colorful palettes against our dull colors in buildings, and several kind of sellers that sell things from the coast, the highlands and the jungles, even things that aren’t in the capital, and of course things from our own industries.

At the same time it’s a luck to not be a touristic city because our traditions are in my opinion more natural and true to ourselves. It’s not about to put a disguise to get one dollar from a tourist but just because we are just like that.