7 thoughts on “Wink ;-)

    1. Cześć Wanda :-) It’s from a colonial cloister with designs approved in Rome but the builders were native. So there is catholic symbols under the gargoyle (because the sculpted creature serves to drainage water across its mouth) and native symbols represented in the ornamentation of flowers and vegetation that are a symbol of our vision of Paradise that we relate to our jungle :-)
      Peruvian is a mix from the previous cultures as Tahuantinsuyo (incas) and Spanish, so it could be appropriate to say it’s Peruvian architecture.
      Have a great day, Wanda. Thanks for your wizytę, Francis.
      (Post-Data: actually the wink is result of a fortuitous rupture in the gargoyle’s eye)

    1. Yes, sometimes time can sculpt things in a way that makes them more adorable, in this case this, a damaged gargoyle, is my favorite from tens in that cloister because it looks more human and relaxed :P. Merci, Mélanie.

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