2 thoughts on “Hacedor de Sombras

  1. I love your shots, utterly unique, spacious, I can breath and feel the space, I love space and light and shadows. Beautiful art. Estupendo my dear friend. Wall and shadow, but I am not intimidated by this wall, I can admire it, contemplate it, breathe and look for the mark of the shadow. Estupendo, magnifico, bellissimo. Ciao Francis. Good night and good day. Wanda :)))))))))

    1. Kocham your shots too, Wanda ^_^, perhaps we share a bit a special point of view about the world. I feel the same seeing your photos, even in cities (as in your last travel) the space flows open and free as a warm hand that invites you to fly, and I can say again that they show your inner world, serene and tranquil as waves of a pond.
      And we have the luck of approach photography as amateurs (you are my kolega :P) that love what they see, and I have luck to see your world and poetry (inner and outer) across your eyes and your kind spirit.
      Bardzo mi miło droga Wanda, Francis.

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