Lima A – a compact camera

finesse in vermillon

A few years ago my big brother gifted me my first digital camera, a HP R607 with 4.1MP, a little sensor and a 3X zoom lens. That doesn’t made me a photographer of course, just gave me an important tool to don’t forget what I see with my eyes.

Today I use a camera manufactured in 2005 but with a bigger sensor. I am definitively not a photographer nor I would have the time (or the understanding) to be one because my goal is to enjoy the places I visit briefly, and for that reason my most important possession are good shoes to walk the road I do with my steps. Although these photographs have eight or six years the theme and composition is the same I have now, the difference I’d say is that today I’ve a better tool. These photographs are from Lima, the capital city of Peru, a city that mostly is under a grey and boring sky but in summer is most animated, that’s my favorite season to travel there.

I’m still here

La Rosa Naútica

Little beings in the vast ocean

Waiting for ancient sailors from exotic countries

The best building could be the Interbank tower in San Isidro, it was designed by the architect Hans Hollein.

The Tower

The sky is not the limit

Old Morro Solar

Icarus’ echoes in a happy world

This is an sculpture designed by an artist that could be our best plastic artist in this age: Fernando de Szyszlo, if I am not wrong his parents are of polish origins. It’s his interpretation of an intihuatana (or intiwatana)

Intihuatana at sunset


4 thoughts on “Lima A – a compact camera

  1. Great shots, words. Thanks for sharing your world with me and others. You are the great photographer ( in my humble opinion). You do it with heart, soul, eyes, heritage, knowledge, passion, consistence………. Estupendo Francis”””””. Buziaki :) Ciao. Wanda

    1. Dziękuję droga Wanda. Mój czas traveling, walking and seeing is no lost if they bring joy to your day; see you sure bring joy to the mine, and a soft quietude that makes me remember the times when I used to just sit to see the afternoons till dusk when I had four years old.
      If there is something you would like to see, a photograph about something in special, I’d love to accomplish it for you. Buziaki :-), ciao, Francis.

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