Lonely light upon the lovely lady of the yellow walls…

Walking in the street, thinking in things I’ve forgotten, suddenly I saw with a glimpse a feminine figure, so perfect and so delicate. In a fraction of second I though that those legs and that back certainly were among the most beautiful I had ever seen. My eyes followed her delicates lines up to her head, to just discover she was actually a mannequin…

I felt the same shame as the character in one of Hoffmann’s tales that in a party discover a lovely and amazing lady, but when they are dancing the people around them are laughing of them, he discovers that she was an artificial mechanism incapable of feelings and not a human. It was written in XVIII century if I’m not wrong, but certainly is humorous misattribute our feelings to things or illusions that in our minds believe real.

The photograph was taken another day in another place to another mannequin (don’t worry, this time I knew it was a mannequin :P), I waited just the late afternoon to give this other mannequin a bit more of life, like if it were thinking as all we do in the end of the day.

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