Ilo B – Pozo de Lizas beach

Happy ending

Ilo city is in the south coast of the Peruvian deserts. Usually covered with the Kamanchaca (sea fog) in summer it’s an amazing place to go to the beaches. In the south of Peru Ilo beaches are in my opinion the most beautiful and always are hidden ones to discover. They are not the glamorous tropical beaches in the north of Peru, with palms and its armies of surfers, but are quite beautiful in its own right.

I went for a work, so I had just one afternoon to enjoy the beach, with a broken camera… The humidity damaged the mechanism and I just could to shoot it in manual; I liked so much that since then I’ve never used full automatic modes.

The yellow building is a bar with restaurants, bathrooms, and services. I think they have good taste because don’t impact negatively the beach and even from the sea they looks discret in the topography.

Sea and desert

So I took off my clothes and went to the beach. As I was just alone I let my camera, after having taken a few vistas, and backpack with a kind lady working in the building. I was in the water for hours…


Perfect sky for a perfect day

My shadow in blue clue

Waves coming


I’ll endure in my quietness


The sunset came so I went for my stuff, but not without take another vistas of the sea dying in fire tones…


Mar in crescendo

Walking the black side of life

Ocean of Silver and Gold

See!, symbols in the water

And that was all, the next day my back was red and sensible, lol, I mean, auch!


2 thoughts on “Ilo B – Pozo de Lizas beach

  1. Beautiful moments, beautiful photos, beautiful words and feelings, you have soul………heart……mind…… you are alive…… breathing……… “bathing” in the beauty of life. Przytulenia Francis. Lilowa Wanda

    1. My words and photographs are just common things in this universe, without magic or beauty. Until the moment they find and are found by somebody with whom they can have a meaning.
      I’m grateful for the beauty in your eyes that can find beauty in my images; your kind spirit infinite as your Polish skies that find calm in the shiny atmospheres of my travels; and the poetry of your being that can find the essential light even in the dark forests of my words.
      If I give some value to my photographs is that they gave me the gift to know you at least a little, nigdy Cię nie zapomnę. A warm przytulenia i miłego dnia Wanda =) Francis.

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