Time traveller

Time traveller


It’s strange, I took this photograph some months ago.The building is an old colonial residence for an aristocratic family since XVI century and remodeled to this shape in the XVIII century. But the lady walking is dressed like a person from the XVIII century, too; without public artificial lights and without cars, as if I would travelled across the time a bit, not completely but enough to feel like a rare¬†peculiarity.

2 thoughts on “Time traveller

  1. Beautiful architecture, color, colonial style, only the lights next to windows bring me back to reality. Very cool moment. Have a wonderful weekend. We got our first frost, the cold air from Arctic Russia brought the temperature down to below 0C. And you are enjoying summer?!? Beauty of life. Wanda

    1. mmm, I am a boy from cold regions, I love the cold weather :-) In Peru now is spring (my post in the beach was taken more than a year ago) but that doesn’t matter; we’ve, if I’m not wrong, 32 climates because the Andes create places with snow all the year, the always hot tropical beaches of the north and the dry deserts in the south, the jungles across the andes with the Amazon river. I’ll try to walk the next week, perhaps to the frozen and rainy hills of the highlands or to the sunny and very hot valleys in the desert.
      Where am I going to go I don’t know but I’ll find something beautiful for you :-) I hope the horses and the crops endure the cold… Wonderful weekend to you too, dear Wanda.

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