There is a bond between friendship and clouds; both have the beauty of things that cannot last and for that they are precious.

I know, good friends are forever but one has to travel, to work, to grow and the time change us that the friend of yesterday is not the same today. I’ve forgotten the most of names of my mates, at school and university, but I remember the names and details of my friends, they know I’ll be there for them to hear them, just hear and don’t judge.

When kid I had a certain apprehension about the ephemeral beauty of clouds, some with extraordinary shapes, another ones changing and blending into so many grades of colors at dusk. After a time I considered that as I couldn’t do anything about that  the best I could do was to remember them. The same I do with my friends I think.

In the end remember is a way to forget because we abstract and select what we want. And a person or even a simple cloud always is far more complex than that our memories allow us to represent: barely a Chinese shadow play.