There is a bond between friendship and clouds; both have the beauty of things that cannot last and for that they are precious.

I know, good friends are forever but one has to travel, to work, to grow and the time change us that the friend of yesterday is not the same today. I’ve forgotten the most of names of my mates, at school and university, but I remember the names and details of my friends, they know I’ll be there for them to hear them, just hear and don’t judge.

When kid I had a certain apprehension about the ephemeral beauty of clouds, some with extraordinary shapes, another ones changing and blending into so many grades of colors at dusk. After a time I considered that as I couldn’t do anything about that  the best I could do was to remember them. The same I do with my friends I think.

In the end remember is a way to forget because we abstract and select what we want. And a person or even a simple cloud always is far more complex than that our memories allow us to represent: barely a Chinese shadow play.

4 thoughts on “Goldie

    1. Thanks Mélanie for your praise and more important for give me your text =), I find amazing the idea of Norwegian Vikings and friendship. I guess that was very valuable to people that couldn’t have much in their majestic lands.

  1. Good friends are forever.. you said it so nicely, here, Francis! : ) Still, I really wonder why some of your words in these beautiful posts with clouds somehow sound like they have a sad tone. Or maybe I ..a sad mind? You refer to the.. ephemeral beauty and forgetting, and I think I find this a little saddening. I think, once in your heart, a friend is there to.. stay, isn’t s/he. The same as a gorgeous sunset or sunrise, dusk or dawn. Or flower before it withers, cloud before it passes.
    Now, if I come to think of it, I’ve never thought about these as.. transient or temporary, but as always there, being beautiful, the next day.. or the next.. So not being sad about their passing, but enjoying them as much as I can when they meet my eyes and touch my soul. Looking and waiting for them all the time, this is what I do. And in the meantime admiring photos of them. ^-^
    Yours are wonderful, like the one in this very post. Thank you, Francis.

    1. A sad tone… could be. Actually I travel a lot so in a certain way my friends are… distant. After a time we lose communication or we have changed and it’s like meet strangers…
      But in this case it is right, it was a reflection in the moment I noticed some friend were not one anymore, or at least not the ones I believed.
      Sometimes when we travel is hard to come back because things have changed without wair for us. Of course that doesn’t mean frienships are going to end like that, but is sometimes a bit sad when occurs.
      In the Andean Plateau the clouds run… for that I think in them in that way ^_^ they change so fast and in sunsets their colors vary so delicately.
      You are always welcome Nicol : )))

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