Reflections about posting

This is not a blog. It’s a personal diary.

dreamt realm

It’s a diary hidden in public from friends of relatives that anyway see my work as the frenetic work of madness at best, and something not much valuable at worst. But I always have been a rebel and I like what I do, and I need to do a lot of things and don’t care if it’s not of the taste of somebody else. Writing and publishing memories is a way to let them in the past. To forget to go to the future. Microsoft erased my space account and migrated it to wordpress, and in the end I choose to post here, it seems enough discrete.

  • Essays are my written thoughts. My way to view the illusion about what we call the world.
  • Gestalt is related to my thoughts about architectural design or drawings.
  • Nayra is the aymara word for the space-time concept of Past and the space In Front of our eyes. Qhepha is the aymara word for the space-time concept of Future and the space Behind Us, because we cannot see the future. In aymara there is just one word for space and time.

I’ve more essays and tales in drafts stage; sketches of drawings and plots of comics. But my lack of will make me publish just a bit of those and use instead my diverse photographs. Photographs that I’m posting for a selfish reason. With that I don’t want to say that I don’t care the followers and likes. Far from that. A big thanks to everybody generous to give me their time and patience with my words and photographs, (actually I find extraordinary to get four likes; more than four seems surreal) and I try to post content valuable to me but also valuable to you, dear reader. I care a lot the readers, even if there is no one reader I hope that what I think or see can help somebody in the future. The ones that I don’t review usually are the bloggers whose objective is to sell content to be a rich blogger XD; and also a few ones that seems to me that actually didn’t look my content but just tried to get attention to get more followers… and a few cases when I know that my ideas are so different that it could lead to an unnecessary confrontation. Aside of those cases I take my time to read and see with calm the production of so talented artists. More than write I enjoy to read. Said that I was thinking in the feedback of my postings. I have more viewers about my photographs, some time in the future it could change. Photography is an activity secondary to the main that is just to walk, to discover and to explore. My favorites photographs in these months publishing (although my opinion tomorrow could be different) are the next ones:

a lady and the nfinite



forces of day and night

La Paz


impossible there is no one more

there is another reality

Field of Gold

Neo Qosqo









afternoon light


meditative houyhnhnm



According to statistics and feedback the favorites of readers are the next ones:



This photograph perhaps get attention because its title is “phototropism”





poem in simple shapes






Curiously my selfie got a lot of views o_O, so it’s here in this list:


the hat

And that’s all. I think it just proves that everybody has personal tastes. I put in the beginning another image to feel that I didn’t just post a Frankenstein made of old posts. It’s more a reflection of these indeterminate number of days posting almost daily (remember, it’s a diary) except the day I went to Bolivia and I couldn’t find for lack of time a speedy internet connection.

Assuming you are not sleeping in this part or turned off your computer/laptop/tablet/cell pone thanks to all of you :-), hope you find more interesting posts in the future, in my case I am getting my goal to have an space where let to flow my ideas.

23 thoughts on “Reflections about posting

  1. This is a great post. I think of my site as a creative outlet as well, sort of an online journal. I enjoy reading your words and viewing your photographs. Keep up the great work! :)

    1. I love your words in your space, Georgette ^_^ I don’t know much about poetry, and my English is far from perfect, but I can understand and feel what you write, few lines with a beautiful melody in your words.
      I think my main happiness in my blog is the chance to meet artists like you =)
      Good night and a wonderful week Georgette Ann ;-)

  2. I wish you much free space for your inspiration. Thank you, that you share your vision of the world with the other. World seen your eyes is a beautiful. Thanks much and all the best to you :) Kisses – Buziaczki Wanda

  3. excellent post, amigo! as a teacher, my grade is a full 20/20… my very best, take care and good luck in all your endeavours, now and always… friendly thoughts & hasta luego! Mélanita – Tolosa, Francia

    1. You are a teacher!, I’d say that instead you are an amauta (from hamawt’a) is the word in quechua for teacher but it’s more related to wisdom. Perhaps it’s related to amaru that is the word for serpent and in our mythology was venerated as the origin of wisdom beyond knowledge. Curiously we also use the system 20/20, then it could be from the times when France was our cultural capita in the first half of twentieth century. Hasta luego Mélanita ^_^, gracias!
      By the way in Spanish Tolosa sounds a bit common, but Toulouse sounds divine because seems “tu luz” (your light)

  4. Adding my voice to those who encourage you. You are a wonderful photographer with a great eye. As always, looking forward to more.

    1. Thanks, James :-) What makes me think that I need to end quickly my work because I want to do a review from my films and my Canon EF film camera, inspired in your work that is so useful and important.
      Regards from Peru, kind sir.

    1. You are welcome :-) and thanks to you, as an amateur I try to photograph memories not just about me but about the places where I go. I read in your presentation that you focus in not just portraits but memories so I learn reading a seeing you :-) and always I read your tips at the end of your posts ;-) Thanks!

      1. “Nayra is the aymara word for the space-time concept of Past and the space In Front of our eyes. Qhepha is the aymara word for the space-time concept of Future and the space Behind Us, because we cannot see the future. In aymara there is just one word for space and time.” I tried to understand this concept, but is impenetrable for my eastern-european philosophy.

      2. Oh, I can help. See, westerners, and I think easterners too, see our road in the time as running across a road. You’re moving in the present toward the future in front of you and leaving behind the past.
        Now in Aymara we imagine us like be sit on a rock or chair, we are just sit down seeing and we see the time with our eyes. Then what we cannot see with our eyes is hidden, and that only can be the future, what our eyes can see is the past and when it’s more distant the details are less clear. I don’t know if it is understood but I hope it can help you.

  5. What I do not understand is how time and space, wich are two different things, can be defined with one word (nayra or qhepha). In romanian language, are many words that define space (front or back), and many words that define time (past or future), but not exist a word to define them both.

    1. Actually according to physics space and time are the same thing as proves the calculates needed to compensate the differences of time due to gravity.
      I think it’s similar to the concept of Catholics, about an entity that is one and three at the same time. We couldn’t understand it too. In any case is just a point of view like try to see the drawing of the structure in lines of a cube and think what side is the “closer” to the observer.

  6. Where was the wolf, Francis…? It’s so incredible… And I love the energy of wolves…
    And I’m deeply touched by the second picture posted… in great part because of the presence of the woman on the road and the human perspective it gives me on the whole thing… and as I am writing this, I am thinking of the very first scene of a movie I just saw “La tierre y la sombra”… a beautiful long scene with a man walking from afar on a dusty road with sugar cane “walls” on each side… incredible movie… the story is a hard one… and the photography, one of the very most beautiful I’ve seen in a movie, balances things by all its poetry…
    I understand how many of these pictures would be some of your very favorite ones and the favorites of your readers… and the last one is indeed a good picture of you… it resembles your energy I feel…
    I also very much like the black and white, with the boats and the people on the wharf… it’s got something to do with a sense of profoundness…
    And the red-orange wall of course is striking…
    But tell me about the very first one, the pink sky… did it really look like that?
    And finally, thank you for the text, Francis… I love the candor that comes through… your words are touching, it all resonates deeply for me… the spirit of it.
    I hope today is a good day for you, my friend. Here, the leaves are more and more orange in front of my house… the sky is autumn blue.. and the air is cooling a little more every day. Take care.

    1. “La tierre y la sombra”… I’m going to search it, it has a name that promises poetic visions and a calm atmosphere.
      The wolf is a stray dog around the neighborhood with heterochromia in its eyes, he (or she?) looked quite poetic against the concrete so I decided to take a portrait of an animal with the expression of a general; the lady in the road is a image I see since kid, peasants always are waling far away in their roads… in a way it feels like see a world in another dimension and I’m not sure how they see to me with my clothes from the city, sometimes I think that I’m invisible to them. The place where we communicate is the market.
      Some are favorite of my readers/friends, but I don’t know why. Perhaps they are quite exotic or perhaps they have a quite particular meaning. Our minds are a mystery to ourselves. My selfie (I set the camera with the timer) was indeed in a time I had more energy, know I feel tired… I’ll try to recover that energy.

      The pink sky… well, it’s not an altered photograph, but the sky wasn’t like that. I changed the white balance setting of my camera, I don’t know how much do you know about this setting Caroline, so I hope you can forgive me if I’m writing something you already know. This setting adjust the temperature of what the camera sees, so under cloudy days it doesn’t take bluish images and under artificial light nothing looks purple or yellow but natural. I manually adjusted it to get a warmer image. My intention was to create a image about what I was feeling, something light and distant as a memory, for that reason I chose that precise image to start this publication, because it’s related to my words about that it’s not a photography blog but more a diary of personal ideas and feelings. I know you understand me because I see the same in the colors you use, sometimes deep blues that conveys a poetic feeling of introspection, sometimes a golden touch that makes the light almost more solid…

      Oh, it sounds so precious to me as a highlander the sky and the weather, I think we need to interchange addresses so I get your colder days and you get our hotter days of spring :D Although today it was a bit cloudy, this year is going to start the “el niño¨ climatic occurrence. It has thousands of years in our history and in fact is the reason our civilizations and empires started, because every eleven years we have to endure the change in the climate so to be prepared five thousands of years ago the cities were formed to be prepared. Hoping everything is well in your precious corner of the world, thank you for your visit, for your words and for being yourself, Caroline. A big smile from here to there ☺

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