Arequipa A – Volcanic rock upon the Valley

The color is in the people

white architecture for a colorful world

Arequipa is a city in the Peruvian southwest in a valley in the north of Atacama’s desert. It was relatively a new city founded during the Inca Empire. After that Spaniards came and change the name misspelling it to its actual shape. Probably meant originally their location related to Misti volcano. I believe it could be a signal that it was a city planned to the future so its name could mean more something like place of tomorrow.


There are three important mountains that are seen from the city: Chachani, Misti and Pichu Pichu. I climbed the last of them… but that’s a post for another day.

speaking to u

speaking to u (Chachani)

snow covering misti

snow covering Misti

wake up pichu pichu

wake up, Pichu Pichu


Volcanic rock

This is the most western city upon Peru, as native that means that I feel a bit foreigner in that city. I don’t understand the raison d’être about certain foods and traditions, but if you are from Europe I think you could feel this city closer to you. Mostly my friends there, just a few, are from the old families, mostly the population now has a great percentage of sons and daughters of newcomers and to prove their new identity can be a bit harsh with people from other cities. I went there because studies, if I would know about that characteristic I think I would chosen another city.

The city is built with white volcanic rock. In colonial times it was painted with a lot of happy colors but in twentieth century a mayor decided to let the city with white walls; what could be a terrible mistake because the Sun is strong. It’s the city with the second world strongest solar radiation after Cairo.


let me protect you, madame



Hacedor de sombras

hacedor de sombras

business meeting

business meeting

blue night

blue night

But there is a revival to recover colors:

Shades of Vermillion

shades of vermillion


two brothers

Red Paint under Blue Midday

Red Paint under Blue Midday



Among the merits Arequipa could shine in two: it’s probably the cleanest city in Peru, that because the people take care of the city; the second one is the cultural activity is powerful and there are artists and thinkers in several fields.

Upon the valley

Arequipa is a city whose economics are strongly linked to the agribusiness so the countryside is in the center of the city, omnipresent.

Infinite green for two friends

infinite green for two friends

Portrait of "spots"


Bow my branches to the sound of the water

bow my branches to the sound of the water


Chachani (ghost in the sunset)

And that would be all for today, hope you find something interesting ;-)



22 thoughts on “Arequipa A – Volcanic rock upon the Valley

  1. Hola Francis. Niza a mirar en su mundo de las fotografías, de el cual un poco. Perú es un país hermoso con un patrimonio cultural rico. Arequipa parece grande. Las visiónes desde las montañas están atontando, sorprendiendo. Cuadros hermosos, grandes ideas, buenos tiros, la gama entera de colores. Tengo gusto de todos, soy muy interesante y diverso. Quite a dos hermanos, dos amigos muy frescos. Saludamos con gusto :) Tuturutu! Wanda

    1. Dziękuję, Wanda. I appreciate your effort to write in Spanish. I’ll try harder with the sweet Polish :-)
      Arequipa has near a million of population, and it was founded by Incas upon a place with a meaningful relation and bond to the mountains and landscape. Two brothers is indeed taken in a piękny place that was a monastery, and the tuturutu is the central figure in the main plaza at the downtown.
      Buziaki, Wanda, thanks for your warm visit :-).

    1. Thanks! To get the colors and intensity of the sky it helped a lot a reverse graduated filter. And of course the luck to find a place I didn’t know then its existence.

      1. Today: Group of Euro 2016
        GRUPA A: Franţa, Albania, România, Elveţia
        GRUPA B: Anglia, Ţara Galilor, Slovacia, Rusia
        GRUPA C: Germania, Irlanda de Nord, Polonia, Ucraina
        GRUPA D: Spania, Turcia, Cehia, Croaţia
        GRUPA E: Beliga, Irlanda, Suedia, Italia
        GRUPA F: Portugalia, Islanda, Ungaria, Austria
        France-Romania is opening match!!!

      2. haha, I hate that! to our team the football manager chooses those defensive strategies and after that are sad because we don’t score XD

  2. Hi Francis! I went through your blog and found something I haven’t seen yet. What a beautiful collection of photographs, I love them all. Especially striking I find the Chachani, the dark shadow on the wall and the red stairs. That black shadow didn’t look protective at all :)
    Sorry for being absent. These last months have been very difficult. I struggle when writing comments, and I only post once a month, with a difficulty.
    Wishing you well, stay safe.

    1. Thank you, Inese. I am happy you liked them n.n I made them with an old camera, but happy that most of them express the city of Arequipa :D
      I understand your absence, and I always hope for things have an improvement in your life, I recall working in autocad would take an effort in your sight so I was relieved you were not with that strain. Here we are in quarantine, I think maybe there too, stay safe, Inese. And thank you for coming and the effort to find a post 😣
      Kind regards from Peru ^^

      1. Sorry for the late reply, Francis. I am struggling with writing some days. Hope you are safe and well. Best wishes xx

      2. Don’t worry, Inese. I always will be happy to see you, and I understand how things are in your life, so instead you have as always my wishes that things get smoother at possible. A smile to you from Peru n.n

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