16 thoughts on “Dziki żółty kwiat dla Wanda

      1. I felt guilty to be using data that could be inexact -_-, so I asked a friend with deep knowledge in Biology. She said me that the flower actually is Argemone, it could be Argemone mexicana that is around the world or Argemone subfusiformis located in Chile and Argentina.
        Thanks Aquileana for give me a reason to search, investigate and discover :-) it was possibly because a few words from you.

      2. How interesting, Francis!!!!… I am so glad that my question led you to this information… We both learnt at the end!!!… All the best to you!, Aquileana :)

    1. Is what I see in you, Wanda. You are an adult with the warm heart of a child; in your posts I’ve never read about computers, money, cameras. clothes or anything that is useful and necessary but not determinant to enjoy the life. Instead I read about your happiness with the seasons, the unlimited spaces of your landscapes reflected in the infinite heart of your words; your compassion with my occasional rants :D; your smile of the happiness of life. I don’t know if in Poland everybody is like you but here in Peru you would be one of those persons that we could meet just once in a lifetime.
      Thanks very much for the honor of dedicate me your Moon, I’ve never had a gift like that and whish you the happiness you have given to me with your generous detail :-), my gift doesn’t make you justice but is closer to the way I imagine you (because I think more in you like tranquil waves of a crystalline pond with golden sparks at dusk) not like a garden flower whose beauty is due to artificial care, but the beauty of a flower in a forest in which you can find the essence of natural beauty; without ornaments or additions: just pure and honest and true.
      Miłego dnia, Wanda, buziaki…

    1. Challenge accepted! (insert Barney’s meme here, please :D), besides I couldn’t say you no. But… before to attempt an exorcism to my workspace to expose it minimally decent to the world (just kidding :P)… err, but might be a problem with the last part :S; actually I don’t know enough deeply other bloggers to invite them -_-‘, Is it possible to do it even in absence of invitations for other bloggers?
      Thanks for the invite, Aquileana, hoping you’re having a great night ;-)

      1. Sure… You don’t have to invite other bloggers… I had fun with the challenge… I hope you also do :star:
        Best wishes! Aquileana :D

      2. Cool!, thanks a lot ^_^, although I am going to do it for fun I’ll do it seriously because is thanks to you, so tomorrow I would have something worth of your invitation. Kind regards, Francis.

      3. My night is great because I am reading you :P, Aquileana, like Asia, America or Australia could be the name of a continent because the richness of your themes =) Thanks a lot =)

  1. Hi, Francis. Gracias por una descripción hermosa. Puede usted lee entre las líneas y expresa sus sensaciones de una manera simple. Pienso que en Polonia o en el mundo es dondequiera que difícil encontrar a una persona con quien usted pueda comunicarse sin palabras en la unidad de corazones. Por los últimos tres años vivo en este lugar hermoso, cerca de la naturaleza. Y funcionó de una ciudad grande y estoy bien. Compartir mi vida, mis pensamientos, los libros y las fotos con otros postes del blog, pero la primera vez que conseguía comentarios del corazón de. Gracias!!! Gracias por todas las palabras y gestos agradables. Le deseo todo el la mejor, mi poeto sensible.
    Ps. Estoy utilizando el traductor en línea libre, así que me disculpo por errores y espero que usted entienda el significado. Saludos; Blessings to you :) Wanda

    1. It’s not poetry, just the truth… in any case your life is the poem.
      And I know you are using an online translator, so actually this is not perfect but those words in their imperfection to me worth more than a perfect library in Spanish because they have your gentle effort to try to communicate in a foreign and distant language and you have also Job’s patience with my clumsy efforts in Polski (besides when I have a doubt I translate the part to revert to English and your works are perfectly understable :P) If you have one doubt fear no more: I understand completely.
      Saludos Wanda ^_^, gracias! Francis.

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