Treeshold to a world of darkness

threeshold to a world in darkness

I find the concise structure of English language haunting in its malleability. I can change words, mix and blend them with just a few turns like a wordsmith:

  • Moonochrome: Moon  + monochrome = my gallery exclusively about the white moon in the sky.
  • Cathering: Cat + gathering = a gathering of cats, but I think I’ve heard this one before.
  • Batmoon: Batman + Moon = a Moon shining in a cloud in shape of Batman’s symbol.
  • Watchflower: Watchtower + flower = a flower where an ant seems to watch the gardens.

With trees I have more freedom:

  • Treeshold: Tree + Threshold.
  • Portreeit: Portrait of a Tree.
  • Happy Tree Friends: Here I mixed the title of a violent cartoon “Happy Three Friends” with the image of three trees.

I have no read Ulysses’ Joyce yet but I understand he mastered those games in his book. But I prefer a plain word with significance than verbal experiments. I blend words just in the case I find that could help to explain me better in less words. In this post I wanted to mix the magic nature of a tree with the magical side of a threshold as border to another reality.