Treeshold to a world of darkness

threeshold to a world in darkness

I find the concise structure of English language haunting in its malleability. I can change words, mix and blend them with just a few turns like a wordsmith:

  • Moonochrome: Moon  + monochrome = my gallery exclusively about the white moon in the sky.
  • Cathering: Cat + gathering = a gathering of cats, but I think I’ve heard this one before.
  • Batmoon: Batman + Moon = a Moon shining in a cloud in shape of Batman’s symbol.
  • Watchflower: Watchtower + flower = a flower where an ant seems to watch the gardens.

With trees I have more freedom:

  • Treeshold: Tree + Threshold.
  • Portreeit: Portrait of a Tree.
  • Happy Tree Friends: Here I mixed the title of a violent cartoon “Happy Three Friends” with the image of three trees.

I have no read Ulysses’ Joyce yet but I understand he mastered those games in his book. But I prefer a plain word with significance than verbal experiments. I blend words just in the case I find that could help to explain me better in less words. In this post I wanted to mix the magic nature of a tree with the magical side of a threshold as border to another reality.


4 thoughts on “Treeshold to a world of darkness

  1. Hi Francis!!! It’s fun, you know English and you can play a game words.
    I’m learning English reading and writing comments. It helps me computer translator and dictionary. I understand everything but I can not freely use English. Pretty picture old willow. There are a lot in Poland. I like them. Saludos :) Wanda

    1. Dziękuję Wanda ^_^!, I’m not always sure about botanical species but thanks to you I added the correct tag. I guess willows were brought here by Spaniards, they are in several valleys across the country, mostly in the countryside. My English is still far from perfect but that doesn’t stop me to have fun with it :D I learnt English a bit by courses but more chatting in internet and reading books. We are closer thanks to a language in which we’re not native speakers =)
      Pozdrowienia, Francis.

  2. English has been my first love for decades… I love to play and to juggle with words – in several languages!:-) btw, your English is excellent… bonne continuation, olé!;-)

    1. Merci beaucoup Mélanie. Actually your life is part of a bigger playground and I just adore it :-) it’s not uncommon to read in your posts at least five languages (French, English and Romanian in your writings, and besides them Spanish and Italian in commentaries) and I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting more.
      I wish you an endless kiss from your loved one that makes you immortal =)

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