Wayra – About Wind

Wind is…

… a whisper

…invisible motion and movement.

…the hand that makes rotate a tired world

… Verba volant, scripta manent, that meant that oral words are divine because they can fly.

… the spirit breaking limits

… the shared desire to soar the skies in dreams; Daedalus, free to create.

… what makes sing to trees

… the memory that bring us the objects we have forgotten.

… the tremble of the petals

… the sound of you alone with you.

… a patient and eternal sculptor

… sometimes a destroyer, sometimes a creator.

… a force that wipes out the world

…. the invisible hand calling you.

… a premonition, something is going to happen.

Wayra (pronounced why-rah) is the aymara word for wind.


2 thoughts on “Wayra – About Wind

  1. Hello Francis :) Beautiful post, interesting reflection appropriate beautiful photos create an image with plenty of warmth and harmony . Wind as all elements may be mild and destructive. I love your inspiratoion. I hope so :) sweetest dreams and a lovely day :) Saludos – Greetings – Pozdrowienia. Wanda

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