There is a blaze in you, like burning suns

there is a blaze in you like burning suns

Gazanias are one of my favorite species in flowers, closer to my favorite ever that are dandelions. There is a mathematical art in them, you can deduce and discover so much rules of proportion and scale. In architecture they are the best example about the beauty that born from the fight against gravity and the desire to live.

9 thoughts on “There is a blaze in you, like burning suns

    1. Thanks Laura, I am doing more aerobics to take care of my decadent body and… oh no! you were referring to the flowers! just kidding ^_^, thanks for the compliment, happy weekend, Laura.

      1. Francisco sounds pretty sweet ^_^, in Peru usually, except the upper and lower classes, our names are not Spanish but English (there is an army of Johns and Anthonies), Japanese (Saori), French (Pierre) and natives (Kori that means gold), actually I’m Francis :-)
        Gracias Mélanie por la luz de tu visita, te deseo una fantástica semana :-)

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