Since kid I love to travel in dark highways to see the distant lights from the cities appear like islands of lights in a black night. Galaxies exploding in several stars. The best feeling was the first time I travelled to Qosqo (Cusco or Cuzco) the old capital of the empire.

In those times the best way to travel from Puno to there was by train, the city appeared late at night and I could see dragons and pumas in the constellation of the city. Figures hiding a message to whom could read them. It was a fortunate event, if I would went by day I would discover that the old capital there exists no more, instead there is another that ignores about the magic in the previous city.

10 thoughts on “Candy

  1. Hi Francis :) A beautiful look at night illuminated city and get even in a deep dark constellations of stars. The peace of mind and a huge longing. Beautiful images imagination. Bounas noches :) Wanda

    1. Yes, indeed I take advantage of a strong light in the distance that was illuminating the sky in a strange way as a dome. I unfocused to show a mystery :-)

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