Square – B

Layers of afternoon

Square format is my favorite to emphasize an idea, usually subtle ideas, and if there are more subjects or objects in a photograph they are forming an unity. Frequently I use much more, due to the several elements in a landscape or a city, 6×7 or 4×5.

Rocky perseverance

Clouds as feathers


Red feather

The scars of ur claws on me


Aquatic Jaguar

follow me

Shapes of dusk


12 thoughts on “Square – B

    1. Yes, it’s. I was tempted to get a Pentacon six to have an affordable entry to square heaven :P, but I’m saving (although very slowly) for a bronica gs1, if I’m not wrong I could get a 6×6 back for those moments when square is what the comp asks.

  1. Hi Francis :) beautiful poetry :) I adore them your all picture :) pastel, catessen colour, ful harmony and piceful. Very very nice!!! Soothing my soul and my heart :) Thank you Francis that you share your beautiful vision of the world with other :) Wish you a nice day my dear. Greetings, Kisses :) Wanda

    1. If they draw in you a smile then I don’t need more Wanda :-)
      I am happy to share my world with you, and even happier to see your own world :-). Thank you so much and miłego dnia for you too ^_^, buziaki. Francis.

  2. Excelente Francis… Perfectos tonos. Me ha encantado la foto de los pajaritos llamada Opposition.
    Que tengas un muy buen viernes y fin de semana. Aquileana :D

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