10 thoughts on “Sanctuary (so distant)

    1. Danke Salva :-)
      Sometimes random comments are in the spam folder, it happens some times for that I always review it. Fortunately I did it again, thanks for the visit :-)

  1. Hello Francis :) beautiful dream…………
    Today I fly airplane to Barcelona to my daughter . I have two daughters. Older Anna 34 years old, she lives in Warsaw and younger Kinga 27 years old, now lives in Barcelona. I think that you are at the age my children. I hugs as mother to hugs child to her heart. I come back in a week. Love, Kisses… See you in nex week my dear Francis! Buziaczki Wanda

    1. You are flying to the distant Kingdom of Spain, where the spectres of two vanish in the reality of one heart :-)
      I’m 31 years old, although those are just numbers here in internet. I just know that you are a wonderful person, Wanda. I wish you a wonderful travel to the city of Gaudí ;-) And I’m happy because your absence means that you are with your beloved daughter and that sounds like you are going to have a special week.
      Happy travel (be careful) and buziaczki. Francis.

    1. Thanks =), actually the bird is not so high but my city, it’s at 3800 meters above sea level (more than 12 000 feet) and the clouds are, I think, much closer than in the coast. Kind regards.

  2. @”I’m 31 years old…” – wrong, Sir: you’re 31 year-YOUNG!:-)
    * * *
    have you read or watched the famous novel & movie “Harold and Maude” – a romantic black comedy?…:-) you’ll recognize Cat Stevens’ song… btw, I’m not 79 yet!:-)))

    1. haha, I always wondered why they don’t ask for “how young are you?” even babies are one year “old” XP
      Well, I’m a kid of 31 years ;-), as I wrote previously to Wanda in Internet age has no meaning, you’re to me a voice radiant as a Sun, and always learn from you. For example I didn’t know about the novel or the movie “Harold and Maude” and although I’ve heard about Cat Stevens is the first time I listen a song of him knowing that is him, thanks very much, was a funny melody :-)
      Un cálido abrazo Mélanie y un eterno gracias.

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