I became an island

I became an island


One of my favorites motifs to draw was lagoons with hills and a little boat; I drew a lot of them. Years later one of my brothers made me notice that the boats were always empty, duh! XD…

I’m aware that that is a classical psychological example, I don’t remember (I don’t want to remember) of what but in my defense I could say that to draw the landscape was my goal (and distraction) and I didn’t search for hyperrealism.

The photograph is in Chacas Lagoon, in the borders of my city, Juliaca. Due we are at 3800 msal or a bit more of 12 000 feet there is no much tourism and that’s fortunate, you just can walk calmly seeing the landscape. Next week I’ll put more pics with all the colors of the rainbow ;-)

20 thoughts on “I became an island

      1. Very well, today I talked with a friend I wanted to talk since a time that seemed an eternity. I hope everything is well and better there :-)

    1. Coming from a poet then I’m happy to have compose that headline ;-)
      We have the longest airport in Peru (although I don’t see why that would be something to be proud) but definitively is more a commercial city, I guess your travel agent would have a headache wondering why would you like to go here XD
      Regards Salva.

    1. Of course I remember ^_^, my favorite one in your travels is Hawaii, the tallest Mountain on the world considering the height since its submarine base. Ten kilometers to take the breath away.
      I love stories of Islands, (songs like “la isla bonita” not much :P) as Stevenson’s Treasure Island; Bioy Casares’ La Invención de Morel; or the history of islands as Iceland, England, Japan or the Island-mystery of Pascua.
      I am related by common ancestors to the owners of the one private Island in Titicaca, Suasi, there is a nice hotel there ;-)
      Cappy? I am not acquainted with horoscope but I see that your birthday is closer :O, I didn’t know Helena Christensen but seems by her shape of eyes that her Peruvian side comes from the coast in the North. She has to be a good person because in Peru people is famous just if they did some scandal XP
      And thanks for call me “kiddo” :-), usually my friends call me “dinosaur” or “grandpa” XD
      A big hug, Mélanie ;-)

      1. you know I love Iceland, Japan, Taiwan and Hawaii…:-)
        * * *
        Helena Christensen used to be very famous about 20 years ago, she’s lived longer in Denmark and in the US than in Peru… oh, you may have heard Chris Isaak’s famous song “wicked game”, you’ll recognize sexy Helena:

        * * *
        what about “kid-dinosaur”?!…;-)))

      2. Oh, I was ten years old then, in those times I preferred to see cartoons like Transformers, when there was electricity at least :D,
        “let me dream of you”…
        Kid-dinosaur? LMAO XD, if it’s said with affection I’ve no problem sweet lady ;-)

      3. speakin’ of music, I told you I was gonna go to a rock concert, the name of the band is “Shaka Ponk” and this is one of their songs: I’m a lucky gal…:-)

        * * *
        P.S. Shaka(Shakyamuni) is the name of the 1st Buddha and Ponk – the name of a Native American tribe and referring to the punk side of the group…:-)

      4. Cool! they go to my list of favorites! ;-) These days I’m hearing more to Weird Al Jankovic, he’s so funny in his parodies! XD

        although probably you have heard about his classical:

        Nice week and good rock Mélanie ;-)

  1. Siempre eh querido ir a Perú ahí es donde este bello lugar, es un sueño para mí conocer su gente y cultura, hermosa foto y que lugar tan mágico.

    1. Estás invitada a conocer nuestros hermosos lugares ;-) A menos que mi lectura haya sido muy distraída no encontré una referencia a tu país natal o de corazón, sea cual fuese se que también debe tener lugares bellísimos y buenas personas n_n

      1. Muchas Gracias y si voy te aviso ja! :) También quiero conocer Ecuador tengo una amiga Estadounidense que tiene un blog, pone unas fotos hermosas, bueno todo centro América es hermoso. Gracias!

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