a treasure in itself

a treasure in itself

Mélanie is an adorable person that more than limited to one country she’s citizen of the world. From dawns in Japan, middays in Florida, sunsets in the Pacific Ocean her experiences enrich me because they are seen across eyes that have read and seen with European humanist culture, and a kind heart. Besides she is a formidable translator, I love especially her versions of poems.

Her playground is, although I’m sure the occasional visitant of my diary already knows it ;-), here.

Always is nice to have a time in the day to play :-)


rainbow at dusk

Mélanie asked for a rainbow, an aurora borealis and the pure heart of a congressman in a coffer. Sadly I just could get the rainbows, I live in the austral hemisphere and will try to travel at least once to Ultima Thule; even worse my dagger have search in the chests of several politicians without success (but I’m still searching), so I could not fulfill the requirements TTT_TTT (I’m joking about the hearts btw XP)

The first image is in the countryside of Bolivia near the capital of an old Empire; the second is in Juliaca city years before when I didn’t know how to use a camera, so the shake in it.