Every seed an umbrella waiting for the wind to fly.

Planets in frozen movement, sometimes imploding and other exploding.

Attached to the ground but despite that capable to travel at least once across the air.

A dandelion is a strong and simple idea in its seed stage: barely the structure of a simple sphere.

I took the pic in the meadows near to Chacas lagoon.

18 thoughts on “Dandelion

  1. Beautiful words…….
    In our language of Farsi we say
    Agar Tu Me khoish Ka bashi khoush navise
    Me navise me navise tu me navise
    Meaning : If you want to write beautiful poetry
    Keep writing keep writing you keep writing

    1. First time I read Farsi, although I could be hearing wrong in my mind it sounds very delicate as a whispering litany.
      Thanks for the compliment and the gift of Farsi , in Aymara we say suma waliki (very nice) :-) Kind regards from Peru.

  2. I have just reminded myself that where you are it is almost beginning of summer long gone here. Oh well,this is the way it is. I have to wait until May for dmuchawce to appear again.
    ps. what camera are you using Francis with your Zeiss lens? Wanda

    1. Dmuchawce :-) I don’t know why the word made me think in a dreamy night. I took the photograph a year ago Wanda, in our spring of rain and a bit of coldness in the highlands, at the sea instead the heat is increasing.
      I use a Sony R1 from the 2005 (now they worth 250 US dollars more or less), I know (for the data recorded in every image) that your camera is a good Nikon :-)
      Actually the camera, or even photography, to me is not much important, I like more the ideas or feelings of persons than photographs whose merit is just to have 24 or 36 megapixels (more megapixels in bigger sensors just serve to print bigger). Actually I see and enjoy just one professional photographer (http://stevemccurry.wordpress.com/) and mostly the persons whose photography I see are the ones that enjoy their travels, or want to say something.
      In your case I love the peace and harmony of your soul, your sensible love to the beauty around and inside you and your firm words, I think you want to say that you have achieved a tranquil happiness ^_^. It’s 10:09 pm in Poland, sweet dreams Wanda, buziaki =)

      1. I have just started taking photos not to long ago, the Nikon is OK- I’ve got it from my daughter who lives in Barcelona. Taking photos is like a contemplation to me, I pay attention and see things that I did not notice before. Thanks for your kind words.It is 19<56 pm/ Good night and good day Francis/ Wanda

      2. Thanks for the explanation Wanda n_n I always learn seeing your photographs about just see and feel the moment Glad to know more about your way to see :-)

  3. Francis eres un gran poeta.
    en esta pequeña flor
    veo un mundo lleno de sueños
    lo más sencillo es lo más hermoso,
    y de repente no nos paramos a ver lo que más importa
    la naturaleza es tan sabia.

    1. Tiñes de rubor mis mejillas Doris :-) Sólo trato de decir la verdad, el español y el inglés me son ajenos a mis nativos oídos por lo que no estoy muy seguro de si mis palabras suenan bien, me alegro tanto de que a una poeta de imágenes y palabras, como efectivamente lo eres, le inspiren palabras tan bellas y multiplique la belleza de ese pequeño diente de león. Un cálido gracias de muy lejos Doris, que tengas una bonita semana :-)^
      “Lo más sencillo es lo más hermoso”, sí. Siempre.

      1. Yo estoy igual, nací en México, pero casi eh vivido todo mi vida acá y aquí puro inglés o revuelven el inglés con el español, por eso practico mi español, quiero escribir el castellano bien, me falta un poco pero hay voy.

        Que tengas una linda semana también

      2. Sí me acuerdo, estás entre dos mundos.
        Uno de los mejores prosistas en habla hispana es el mexicano Alfonso Reyes, sus libros son maestros del buen gusto al escribir, tanto así que influenció en la limpidez estética de Borges cuya poesía también admiro.
        Gracias Doris =)

    1. Thanks James, I get it turning off the noise reduction and don’t sharpening to avoid the artifacts when digital noise starts to look like a harsh texture. Kind regards sir, I hope to shoot soon film.

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