I’ll wait for you an eternity and one day more

I'll wait for you an eternity and one day more

I took this photograph in January. I’m amazed because I have seen the ship and the port in the same condition since I’ve memory, and now I’m 31… It’s in the harbor of Puno bay at lake Titicaca. From Juliaca, my city, it’s thirty minutes by bus and since kid I always loved to go to the old remains of a sea long ago disappeared.

I always have thought that every being, animated as a human or unanimated as a tool, has to fulfill its reason to be. A human has to love, to walk, to built, the mind has to think and be free; in this case I always felt since kid that the ship in the port (at the right) should be travelling across the waters and not just awaiting… I guess it’s due to reading when kid with a certain apprehension the punishment to Prometheus, lying chained for all the eternity being himself a creature capable to travel to the Sun (although in a funnier side perhaps he was punished for go to the sun instead to the innards of the Earth :D) The ship was built by Englishmen by nineteenth century, taken in parts with mules to the altitude of the lake at 3812 metres (12,507 ft) and today if it’s a museum in the next time I’m going to research it.

Time goes but the ship is still there, I guess someday I’d be happy to don’t see it in that place but unchained.

Post-Data: The title is based in a quote from an English phrase or a poet’s line. Mentioned in a conversation between Borges and Bioy, but I can’t remember the ownership of the original expression.

4 thoughts on “I’ll wait for you an eternity and one day more

  1. you do know Rimbaud’s “Bateau ivre”…:-)
    * * *
    @your title: ask Mr or Mrs Google and they’ll kindly anwser your question(s)… they’re helpful and generous, you know…;-)
    * * *
    buenas noches en la “ciudad blanca”, dulces sueños y abrazitos tolosanos, olé!:-)
    à+! = (te veré) mas tarde!:-)

    1. Bonjour Mélanie :-)
      From Rimbaud I know just his fame. In poetry my island in the universe is just Borges, due to the school a bit of César Vallejo, and I remember with gratitude one poem by William Blake, in my plans is to read Dante in his native Italian, I’ve read several times his Divine Comedy but in Spanish prose. Actually a great percentage of poetry I taste is with your translations :-), and now kind poets that visit this diary.

      I asked first to Google with different combinations but there was no answer TTT_TTT, Borges and Bioy Casares liked to compose beautiful words and quote them to fictional characters. The book is in my personal library but happens to be a book of more than 1400 pages.

      Gracias amiga desde Tolosa por dibujarme una sonrisa, espero poder hacer lo mismo por ti :-)

      Entonces te espero, por toda la eternidad y un día más Mélanie ;-)

      1. your last statement has just given me an idea of a future(eventual) post…;-) gracias, FR!<3 à+!:-)
        * * *
        super-bonus poétique:

        L'Éternité… – Arthur Rimbaud

        Elle est retrouvée.
        Quoi ? — L'Éternité.
        C'est la mer allée
        Avec le soleil

        Âme sentinelle,
        Murmurons l'aveu
        De la nuit si nulle
        Et du jour en feu.

        Des humains suffrages,
        Des communs élans
        Là tu te dégages
        Et voles selon.

        Puisque de vous seules,
        Braises de satin,
        Le Devoir s'exhale
        Sans qu'on dise : enfin.

        Là pas d'espérance,
        Nul orietur.
        Science avec patience,
        Le supplice est sûr.

        Elle est retrouvée.
        Quoi ? — L'Éternité.
        C'est la mer allée
        Avec le soleil…

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