Santa Catalina de Siena Monastery – Arequipa

Cubic garden

Monastery of Santa Catalina is a mini self-sufficient city inside Arequipa city built since 1579. Owned by a Dominican order of the Catholic Church. Part of this city now is a museum. I hope you find one of your delight ;-)

Sunny Day

The buildings have colors so intense that the best time to visit the Monastery is when there is a blue sky. These ones were taken in 2012. As always I just walked to see and feel the game of light and shadows of the volumes. Be aware that in those years I used to saturate, not so much but my goal was to reflect what I saw, and to me with the blue of the sky and the golden light the colors simply go out of scale.

Message in the light

Tree seeing windows

Special centre


I think this is one of my favorite compositions of the work of an anonymous architect. It’s just admirable the cleanness in the design in an epoch were there was temptations to saturate with ornaments.


Black and Vermillion (Pure)

I did a selfie inside the kitchens, I always wanted a portrait transformed in a being of light inside a black place (of course I’m far from being a creature of light mwahahaha)

Intensity of light upon black

I usually look like Moe Szyslak but there I like that I look more like I see myself, not so much detailed I guess.



Volumes versus lines

Overcast day

I found a pair of Argentinian tourists in Titicaca Lake, they asked me if I could show them the Monastery in Arequipa. Sadly that day was an overcast one and the walls, like the visitors and me, felt a bit uncomfortable because was a visit very touristic, I mean: to go and see and after that just see other place without much soul really. It was in January.

Tres tristes trees

Red dream

Natural monochrome

Old door

Cuore Rosso

Two brothers (previously published)

Encantamiento en rojo

Four dancers


Overcast Puzzle

A desire of outside

Despite its religious nature I find that this monastery for women has a haunting feminine delicacy, like the sexy kiss of a woman with intense red lips.



Thank you for your patience with the long post, as I was saying, it’s a mini city and this barely is a glimpse.


16 thoughts on “Santa Catalina de Siena Monastery – Arequipa

    1. Thank you :-) The monastery is even more beautiful, if you could see it in person, there are so many colors…
      A smile and kind regards from far away, Georgette Ann.

  1. magnifique, splendide, formidable… HL = huge like & btw, tu es solaire…;-)
    * * *
    ah, je me rappelle avoir lu que le couvent Santa Catalina est le plus grand au monde…

    1. Mille merci Mélanie :-) solaire sonne beaucoup mieux ^_^

      Oui, Ils disent que c’est le plus grand au monde, mais je ne sais pas le monde alors Je ne pouvais pas le dire :D, d’ailleurs, j’ai peur de ressembler à un patriote :S

      I send a huge hug to the beautiful Toulouse ;-)

    1. Your spirit is akin to the infinite openness of a quiet place, I’m glad that those images have meet you Wanda, Thanks to you too, pozdrowienia =)
      (I’m happy, I can write Polish words thinking in them without translate or searching them, thanks for the gift of your words Wanda)

      1. Thank You Francis for your uplifting words in this “dark” moment ( in Poland) of the year called fall/autumn. Your words and your being are like rays of light to me. Thanks for being. Buziaki. Dobrego weekendu. Wanda

      2. And it’s an amazing Polish autumm in your photographs, we don’t have trees that change its leaves to rubies and gold. I know I’m not the first that says your smile is spring :-)
        Dobrego weekendu, buziaki. Francis.

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