16 thoughts on “Rain over Avalon

  1. tienes una alma de poeta, FR… – a dreamer = un soñador, como yo!;-) realmente espero que las lágrimas del Rey son de alegría y placer… even dreams that never come true may be wonderful…:-) buenas noches, con tu reina de corazón…;-)

    1. Una dulce maestra en Toulouse me enseñó poesía este año ;-)
      I can’t change the present but I’ll try my best to make a better future, not tears for me but action :-)
      A big and warm hug Mélanie, with so many players in your playground I’m always grateful for your visit ^_^

      1. action… yesss!!! nobody will ever do or make anything in your place, FR… remember that:

        “It matters not how strait the gate,
        How charged with punishments the scroll,
        I am the master of my fate,
        I am the captain of my soul…”(Invictus – WE Henley)
        * * *
        P.S. chose promise, chose due = una promesa es una promesa(?)…voilà l’éternité ephémère :-)

      2. “Captain I’ll be no more;
        But I will eat and drink, and sleep as soft
        As captain shall: simply the thing I am
        Shall make me live. (…)
        There’s place and means for every man alive.
        I’ll after them”
        (all’s well that ends well” by Shakespeare :-) )

  2. Hi Francis :) I like the layers of clouds and mountains. Avalon that’s where King Artur was taken after fighting Mordred ? Avalon – the Island of Apples? Insula Pomorum quae Fortunata uocatur?
    Pozdrowienia, Greetings, Buziaki Wanda


    1. Ah, well. this is a counterfeit Avalon XD, in the mythic Avalon there is the sleeping king, here is just a place two hours from home with a counterfeit king that just sleep so much, sometimes with suns at dusk in the Polish countryside.
      Pozdrowienia, buziaki, and an eternal dziękuję Wanda, is going to be a time when I’m going to miss you a lot, thanks for come today =)

      1. Then my face would have a smile that never would fade; my words would turn in silence to always remember you in a golden forest from a fairytale.
        Greetings, a big hug and a sweet kiss. Francis.

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