12 thoughts on “Please…

    1. Well, that’s courtesy of the powerful Fujinon 35mm 1.4 in a Fujifilm X-E1 camera :-) That is a camera I gave to my father because I’m not much into shallows depth of field, but is small and light and at night or under low light it was very useful. She is my brother’s kitten ;-)

  1. Hi Francis :) I like to observe cats and I like it to photograph them. I always had cats in my house. Now I have two cats. – beautiful beings. Great photo, body language! Is he\she your cat? Pozdrowienia, buziaczki :) Thanks, Buziaczki, Greetings, Hugs :) Wanda

    1. I love cats too ^_^ When I was 4 years old there were black street cats and I tried to catch them and I spend hours and days and months seeing them. She is the cat of my brother, unfortunately I am always traveling or in plan to travel, so I couldn’t have the responsibility to take care of them.
      A big hug and greetings to your two friends Wanda ^_^ Pozdrowienia, buziaczki :-) Francis.

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