8 thoughts on “Gold Symphony to say Goodbye, to your fading light…

  1. Hello Francis, I hope everything is well with you, I was in Toruń yesterday. Beautiful city, I took some night photos as well, I will post them later. I have visited Explorers’ Museum of Tony Halik
    “The first room called Tony Halik. My great journey was devoted to the most exciting journeys in South America which Halik took part in as a journalist and a reporter for American TV network NBC. The rearranged exposition presents several theme sequences: Brazilian state Mato Grosso and expeditions to Indian Karaja, Xavantes and to tribes from the river Xinga; the great journey by a jeep realised by Halik in years 1957-1961 when he spent time among Gauchos in Argentina, experienced adventures with Indian Jivaro, visited Cuzco and Machu Picchu. To illustrate an image of this part of the exhibition, the photos taken by Tony Halik and three fragments of archive films made during above mentioned journeys were used. Moreover, the introduction into an adventurous atmosphere are quotes which comes from Halik’s books- ‘With a camera and a rifle across Mato Grosso’- ‘Jeep. My great adventure’ and ‘180,000 kilometres of an adventure’.”

    I was admiring photos from Cuzco, Lake Titicaca, Vilcabamba and Machu Pichu, arts, crafts……… very interesting and beautiful,I loved the most the beautiful textiles, symbolism and jewelry. Lake Titicaca is huge!!!!!!
    An ‘ocean’ at the altitude of 4000 m. Amazing!!!!!

    Beautiful panorama, the sky is indeed deep purple, what city is this ? Good day my friend. Wanda :))))

    1. Cześć Wanda, I’m fine and happy to read you :-)
      I have read about Xavantes, Gauchos and Jívaros, the latter are from the jungles of my country and are famous among us for their technics, used in the past, to reduce the heads of their enemies till the size of oranges. My home is half an hour to the Lake Titicaca and in our hills is common to find fossils shells from the ages when the lake was an interior sea millions of years ago. When I see your photographs I’ll be glad to explain the symbols I can. I didn’t know Tony Halik but I see he is an amazing explorer, thanks for the data :-)

      The city in the photograph is Socabaya (from Quechua Succa Aya or “Field of Graves” because it was a prehispanic cemetery but now is for farming) a district in Arequipa city. One of lthe citizens of there said me once that the sky could have those intense colors at dusk due to urban contamination. And that could be truth because there the dusk have colors sometimes even a bit funky.

      Miłego dnia Wanda and bon appétit ^_^ (time to lunch in Poland)

      1. Yes Francis, I forgot to mention that, I saw in the museum, a movie about and artifacts of headhunting and the whole ritual and process of heads shrunking, which Jivaros believed housed the soul of the person killed. Strange, interesting……..Good day in your land. Wanda

      2. Good night in Poland Wanda, glad you travelled and discovered so much ^_^ in our jungle still there are people that lives as their ancestors five thousands of years ago (instead in the coast and the highlands the cities and pyramids were growing) They’re so isolated that we cannot see them because the European virus the survivors of the meeting with the Spaniards could killed them too, and don’t know about planes or any technology. http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plemiona_izolowane
        Toruń has an interesting history too, the city of the world famous Kopernik, and in the photographs looks very nice, I can feel the happiness in your words :-) Pozdrowienia. Francis.

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