Summer of flowers in the sky and music in the wind



Since these days are holidays and father’s birthday was some days ago I visited my parents’ home. I took advantage to repair their computer and my brother’s laptop.

Father collects little crafts and I found quite funny this set, to have an idea of scale the metallic circle in the corner is the head of a nail:

breakfast in lilliput

We, in the Southern Hemisphere, are in Summer, so days are sunny, but as we are in the highlands the afternoons are rainy:

summer in the highlands

wotan's dream

The fields of ichu in Juliaca are quite beautiful in these days. Sadly there was no time to go or a reason to justify a walk there.

In the night of Christmas there were some fireworks, but not so much. Father says that probably is due to economics, but I think it’s because the previous years the celebrations were so big that people is resting.

two lonely fireflowers

The previous year the fireworks were this way:

scarlet garden

In home just father arrange something for Christmas, but just in memory of my grandmother, his mother, that died a few years ago. I always think in her, and I think she is the only kind Catholic that didn’t try to convert me to any religion. She always used to arrange a Nativity scene in December.

a boy wants a silver star

In our land there is chance for colors everywhere ;-)

secret symmetries

secret symmetries

And I found one of the old zampoñas or sikus. This is an Aymara instrument and it’s used to play sikuris. I don’t hear so much sikuris because when kid there wasn’t always electricity due to the war so my music was the wind across the pines or the ichu, the rain in the crystals and adobe walls or the hails in the roofs of calamine. Usually the music in the Andean Plateau (not Peruvian nor Bolivian because our culture is previous to those countries) is complicated and instead of fun it´s played with ceremonial or social goals (not my cup of tea), but, like the most interesting man in the world would say, I don’t always hear Andean music but when I do it’s sikuris :D

encapsulated wind

That sikus is broken, but it’s always relaxing play it. My brothers are better skilled in it, I just like to play scales. But I need to practice more. I recorded a bit the sound if you are interested: Even there is a stray dog barfing that I need practice urgently! XD

Rain over you, rain over me

rain over you rain over me

This is another photograph from a bus in the highlands of the Andean Plateau. This time I used a Marumi polarizer because they can be very effective to reduce reflections. The only downside is that they block a bit of light and that is the reason you have to consider the best polarizers, so you can have better use of them in twilight or dawn.

A yellow ocean made of ichu under a thin atmosphere before the storm :-)

Trees – A (Dedicated to an olive tree climber)

come closer friend

come closer, friend

I’m afraid that there are not trees from the jungle but that’s nothing that a bit of time and money cannot solve (the hard part is to get the money XD) These trees are from the Andean Plateau and the valleys in the desert.

Four casual friends talk

four casual friends talk

I don't care I'm going to scape

I don’t care. I am scaping now!

isolated a


above the city a tree wants to be free

above the city a tree wants to be free

forest of succa aya

forest of Succa Aya

No time for rest

no time for rest

Now is time to grow up

now is time to grow up

I want to touch the sky

I want to touch the sky

three with tree fingers

three with tree fingers

let yourself go

let yourself go

serene march

serene march

hey cross what are you doing

hey, Cross! what are you doing?!

tired trees

tired trees

can you hear us

Can you hear us?!

Cúpula entrevista

cúpula entrevista




And that’s all for today, I hope you find one akin to your spirit ;-)