Digital dreams

digital dreams


Relativistic physics to compensate differences in time due to gravity is required for satellital internet; the mathematics needed to process the data in the central processing unit was developed barely in the last century; the energy to use it is originated in giant hydroelectric plants. The amount of resources to get this machine and its software to have it working adequately can require months of work.

A cat uses it as a bed ;-) …

14 thoughts on “Digital dreams

    1. Great! that was my goal ^_^, yes, it’s a warm spring, I’m sure the autumn in that lovely spot in the swamp has to be fantastic these days.
      Thanks Georgette for the visit, hope everything is well there too.

  1. Your site is inspiring. I may start a photo journal to help ease my brain. Even now I’m laying in bed, unable to sleep. Maybe if I wrote pieces like you do I will be able to put away my thoughts and find some rest.

    Nice photo, as always, my friend.

    1. Hi James, that would be fantastic (y); your reviews have nice photographs and the text is clear and very informative. Seeing them I can see that your time or sensibility goes to the blue hour of the dawn.
      Although I’ve to say that my journal is of thoughts, the most of them daily; but the photographs are from my files in a span of three years.
      Thanks for the compliment James, I’m glad and honored that you can find inspiration in my diary :-) Regards from the faraway Peru.

  2. you do know I’m a catlover, à la vie, à la mort… guess what: mi gato valenciano quiere mucho mi laptop tambien…:-) buenas noches y dulces sueños, FR! espero y deseo que la mayor parte de tus sueños virtuales, queridos a tu corazón, se hagan realidad asap…:-)

    1. Oh, pero Loulou es un gato grande (y travieso) :O :D
      Trabajaré para que se hagan realidad pronto ;-) gracias estimada Freyja por tu tiempo para visitarme; te deseo que te esté yendo muy bien.
      Un abrazo de oso meloso Mélanie :-)

      1. @”Un abrazo de oso meloso…” – O.K. deal, ’cause I love teddybears(ositos de peluche!), even though I’m not living in a “teddybear land”…:-)))

  3. Hi Francis :)Thanks to development of electronics, computerization and Internet we can exchange by information, get to know other cultures and people. Virtual world contains everything but we elect that we want to look at. Calls out this in us all spekrum of emotion, dreams, imaginations, fantasies……….
    For Internet I got to know you!!! Welcome in virtual world my dear friend Francis!!!! LOVE!
    Cat is most beautiful.
    Huggings, kisses Wanda

    1. You are among the best persons I’ve met in several years dear Wanda :-)
      If something I discovered about Internet is that a feeling is not less true because the distance.
      Here in the virtual world or in the outside world a feeling is always a truth, and the mine to you is one of gratitude and affection in the peaceful contemplation of my silence. If internet would disappear you wouldn’t do because I’ve saved you in my heart making it bigger with you, and if we’d never write us again I’d still save your words, your smile and your photographs in my mind to never forget you.
      She’s a playful cat.
      A big hug of chocolate and a kiss from faraway dear lady of the long shadows.

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