A Swarovski crystal turned into a diaphanous dusk.

Dante would say “a dolce color d’oriental zaffiro” (a gentle color from an oriental sapphire)


Cinema Paradise

Hi fellow Earthians >:-), today I thought in a photograph that in the moment of being taken the colors of dusk made me feel like being in another world of clear skies and exotic colors.

The past week I went to the cinema. Previously I had just went to it in six opportunities hitherto: the first time in the school to see “Joker” an Indian movie, quite good, but, alas! the poverty and the Peruvian corruption!, the public school had paid just for half the function one group and the resting half another group… The second one was with my parents and brothers to see Beethoven, and not about the musician but the dog XD, I was 8 years old I think. I didn’t like it, it seemed to me that the violence had no reason to be; third, fourth and fifth were with my brothers as a teenager, to see Disney’s “Aladdin” (pretty funny and magic), “The Pagemaster” with Macaulay Culkin (I liked it but I’ve forgotten big part of the plot) and my favorite experience ever “Jurassic Park”, that was simply perfect, I was ten years old then and couldn’t were a more impressed boy than me, fortunately I didn’t clap like a seal, lol. Several years after I went with my little brother and also with my dad to see Avatar. Entertaining and spectacular but the plot seemed to me a bit simple.

So, the past week I went to the cinema again to see “Interstellar”, there were times I saw movies in TV like “Gladiator”, “Batman” trilogies or “Man of Steel”. I don’t say that they’re the only kind of movies I see, just that they are movies which spectacularity deserves a giant screen ;-). I liked it so much, very elegant execution and the three hours went really quick. I felt the same I felt when I saw a movie that I’d loved to see in the cine, “Cast Away” with Tom Hanks. Interstellar is a science fiction movie but also is one of adventures and also about home.

Sadly next to me were two young ladies that spoke every second, I felt honored because hearing their troubles and stories it was clear that they are the only two people on Earth with common sense and the rest of us are pretty lame, lol. also was the guy who always cought in the cines and I discovered the one that laughs artificially to show that he’s the only intelligent being seeing the movie, I guess I was the one that is angry :D

Despite that I can recommend the vision of “Interstellar” and can give a Qhapaq of gold to the director Christopher Nolan and the actor Matthew McCounaghey ;-)

6 thoughts on “Diaphane

  1. super-image & excellent list of films… that I’ve watched, too!:-)
    * * *
    Tom Hanks is a tremendous actor and Matthew McCounaghey is a great (Texan) actor…:-) he was in France about 2 weeks ago… while I lived in Houston, TX, I met him at a NASA conference on the ISS=international space station…kind and friendly, but really shy.
    * * *
    bonne-nuit & un bonus poétique: :-)

    Diaphane souvenir… – Nicole Lenoir

    J’avais paré l’amour d’éclatante lumière
    Au delà de la terre. Etrange est la planète
    Où l’on dessine l’anneau qui encercle nos têtes.
    Sa clarté s’est brisée au sein de l’univers…
    Au delà de ces ombres qui règnent souveraines
    S’envolent un soir les éphémères images
    Et les mots murmurés se perdent en mirage…
    Où vont-ils donc éclore en nostalgie lointaine?
    A la flamme trop amère où se brûlent nos mains
    Comme un calice ouvert pour protéger le cœur,
    Les stigmates qui saignent nous ouvrent un chemin
    Et le rêve perdure même quand l’amour se meurt…

    1. Thanks Mélanie for the compliment n_n, my favorite movie ever is, these days, Blade Runner, and there are movies that I prefer to see in home like Amadeus.
      Matthew McCounaghey met you ;-)
      Beautiful poem, and mysterious. “et le rêve perdure même quand l’amour se meurt” change the sidereal meaning to something more personal. I think I’ve to read it more times.
      Bonne-nuit Mélanie, merci bcp :-)

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