16 thoughts on “Just an empty seat if you are not there

    1. Oh, it was a dialogue with my asexual angel, and in this case I’d be the big bad wolfie ;-). She said that had to leave the internet for two months so naturally I said that I’d miss her a lot and asked what would happen if I wouldn’t there… Just for fun of course :D, if she never comes back I’m going to wait for her anyway.

      If benches could talk I guess they say we all are made of heavy stuff “you know what? I was a straight kid bench and now I look like a wooden rainbow”

      1. @”if she never comes back I’m going to wait for her anyway…” – so you’re in love and faithful to your Dulcinée, Mr Lion-Wolfie…;-)
        * * *
        @”wooden rainbow”… – yes, but “bois précieux”(precious wood)… you know I appreciate QUALITY, not quantity…;-)))

      2. That’s right Mélanie, even we the machos fall in love XD
        I loved the fact that the chemin to your petit bois actually says “le petit bois” n_n
        Greetings my Cappy lady in the ville rose.

      3. I’m sooo glad for you, FR as LOVE = life itself… wish you to join your amoureuse asap… well, some people say love makes us “blind”… well, it has to “blind” us with its dazzling light…:-) last but not least – I totally agree with Anaïs Nin:

        “Le seul alchimiste capable de tout changer en or est l’amour physique – l’Unique sortilège contre la mort, la vieillesse, la vie routinière… l’amour se vit au PRÉSENT, ici et maintenant – autrement, il n’a pas de sens, car il ne s’est pas égaré dans le passé et il maintient l’espoir de l’avenir…”
        * * *
        “The only alchemist able to turn everything into gold is physical love – THE Unique spell against death, old age, routine life… LOVE must be lived and experienced this very moment, here and now, otherwise it makes no sense, because it hasn’t gotten lost in the past and it keeps the hope of the future…”(Anaïs Nin)

      4. Merci beaucoup Mélanie =) I think those who say that love make us blind simply are blinded by other things different to love.

        A thousand thanks of chocolate for the translation, I really appreciate your time Merani chan -_-

        I’m happy for you, reading your words from already some months I know love fill your heart :-)

        Greetings from a bad big wolfie to a sweet lady in her petit bois ;-)

    1. Actually I’m happy to have met her at least once, we don’t know anything about the future but we know that what is in the past cannot be lost. Thanks kind lady for the compliment and the visit.

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