When (did) I change in her?

when did i change in her

This post is categorized, besides photography, as altered. Because it goes beyond an usual editing but, and has passed a lot of time since I did something like this, I think the image is more expressive.

There was a big mirror in the street, unwittingly of be waking up our vanity :-)

10 thoughts on “When (did) I change in her?

  1. Thanks.
    It’s fitting that this image would be both black and white and also high contrast.
    Even more so that it involves a large mirror.
    i wonder, too, when did I change in her?

    1. Thanks for your kind thoughts Vincent. Actually I was not sure if it was well written in English but I’m glad that it is understandable.
      Best regards,

  2. You’re welcome, Francis.
    There’s an English saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” and your image says so much beyond any single language.

  3. Hello, cześć Francis!!! Good sleep my dear :) Very interesting image, black and white, mysterious, spontaneity, move………. I wish you very nice week my friend. Pozdrowienia Wanda

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