Sunny afternoon

Sunny afternoon

On photography

How would you know if you have passion for the photography? I wondered that a few days ago and I think it shares the same answer with another question:

You have the chance to go to the most beautiful place on the galaxy and you have two alternatives: a reliable digital camera or a pair of comfortable shoes. Which one would you choose?

My answer is going to be shoes. My desire is to explore, to travel, to stop to think. The camera is my optional medium to don’t forget. For that reason the programs I use (a simple raw converter, stitching software) are to stay away of photography or what camera sees and closer to what my eyes see. If I couldn’t have a camera then I’d draw as I did a time; if I couldn’t draw then I’d tell in words; and if I couldn’t tell then I just would remember.

I’m architect, although a time I thought I could study photography online I think that would be a wrong road. In Peru I just see that photographers are just hired to shoot boring weddings and girls in her twenties to edit them in Photoshop to alter the skin with a lot of shallow depth of field (I prefer a simple selfie) or their photographs looks like copies of the foreigners photographers, for example when they came to my city have that obsession to shoot people on poverty (perhaps a racial prejudice), usually without give them opportunity to take a bath and with a sad face, when instead we like to smile :P, after that convert the photo to black and white toned in old sepia or apply an evident hdr and sharpen the skin… If that is what a professional photographer has to do then I’m a proud snapshoter, I’m someone that see something that I find beautiful in its meaning and don’t deserves to be forgotten, and point the camera and nothing more.

Once I read to Armando Robles Godoy, a notable Peruvian dead a time ago, that religion domesticate the spiritually. I think that can occur also in any art, I think mostly the photographers in my country are more worried about following an idolized photographer, test cameras or use people on misfortune to get fame.

One exception is Mario Testino, I like so much his photographs of models, I never think in the camera used but in the expression of the model or details like that. Days ago I saw a free and public exhibition of his photographs about ladies in typical costumes. He shot them with dignity, they were smiling naturally and I felt a sane pride. The ladies were closer to my own civilization.

There is nothing better than take photographs with innocence. Just for fun.

9 thoughts on “Sunny afternoon

  1. @”I’m an architect…” – really?!…;-) I’ve finally found out your profession…:-)))
    @”There is nothing better than take photographs with innocence. Just for fun.” – of course, totally agree with you, FR…:-)
    * * *
    guess what: I spent the last weekend of November in Belgium with a couple of brilliant Romanian architects-friends…:-)

    1. Well, that’s my profession but I like to think that I’m just a boy; when we are sleeping, naked or dead our titles don’t follow us. Mélanie the friend is more important to me than Melanie the teacher :-)
      Romanian architects… they have to be very intelligent and creative professionals. I found this miss, she’s Canadian but of Romanian origin (a bit like you between two worlds) she makes me think in you, intelligence, beauty and world (it’s possible that she lives a years in Texas too), but of course I don’t know if she has a heart like yours ;-)

      1. the world is full of… Romanians!:-))) I’ve been to Montréal & Québec-ville, Toronto and Vancouver twice and I did meet Romanians everywhere… I’ll check out that link asap, merci & bonne-nuit, amigo!:-)
        * * *
        P.S. lots of them left Romania in the ’90’s, after the “coup d’état” in December ’89 when ceausescu – the bloody dictator(25 years of “communisme pur et dur” like in Orwell’s “1984”!!!) was caught and shot with his horrible wife…:-((( you may recall I was in Romania for a few days last September and inspite of the depressing general situation, I’ve chosen to show only “the beautiful” on my blog…

      2. you’re right: Alexandra Botez is young, pretty and smart… “botez” = baptism in Romanian!:-) she did win a scholarship @ UofTexas in Dallas… small world again!:-)

      3. I’ve almost forgotten to Ceausescu (we’re here forgetting everything about our previous military dictators except that dictatorships use to be ridiculous) We usually think in Romania like a country with natural and historical beauty and women with superlative beauty, so it’s a great think that you travel a lot to do the world a place more beautiful ;-)
        Indeed was a beautiful post with the lady and the nature your travel to Romania.

  2. Cześć Francis :) Nice written. I would also choose shoes. :)
    I think that this philosophy can concern not only photographing. To do something with the innocence, for fun for sharing impressions, for showing the beauty the fleeting moment. Buziaczki, pozdrowienia :) Wanda

  3. Love the photo, the texture of the structure against the sky. So you are an architect, what a beautiful profession, must be fun.

    1. I’m glad that you like it Doris :-) frozen wind in the blue sky. It’s fun, but it has a lot of work like the architect of “how I met your mother” XP
      Wish you a great weekend miss, take care :-)

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