9 thoughts on “Threesty

  1. as a Cappy gal – by definition and by excellence with Lioness ascendant(LOL!), I’m a tree love, hugger and climber…:-))) conclusion: I love your trees, naturalmente… à propos, they may also be thirsty of love and hugs…;-)))

    1. You love trees, roses, islands, cats and elegance ^_^ I’ll have in mind your love for trees ;-)
      I just give a hug once or twice per year, and just to a very limited number of persons. So if some day I give you one is because I think you are a special Cappy gal for me ;-)

      1. @élégance?… let’s say “classe” ou qualité…;-))) I’m a demonstrative & affectueuse person – in REAL life… with people I’ve met, at least, once…;-) but virtually quite réservée, ’cause I do prefer concrete and tangible “stuff”… well, c’est mon côté terrestre – Cappy gal = Mélanita cabrita, olé!:-)))

      2. Classe is a better word, thanks :-) About your réservée character in the www I’ve read you before that you’re the same in internet as in the real world, of course you meant about honesty but here I find you quite affectueuse ^_^, it could be that in the Andean Plateau we’re so cold that I find you warm as spring. If you’re warmer in reality then you are like a red Sun :-) A virtual hug and a real greeting Mélanie from la ville rose.

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