Falling cross

falling cross

But don’t throw the water of the Looooord!

The first time I went to Machu Picchu (until now I’ve went thrice) I was nine years old if I’m not wrong. Parents gave a camera to a lady that probably had a problem in her hands, because I think she couldn’t have more than sixty years of age, but they had a terrible tremble. That was the first time I could have a bit of money and bought a disposable film camera that I couldn’t use because it was needed more money for the rolls of film and the development.

She was extraordinarily catholic, not in the way as people in Puno use to be, I mean mixing Catholicism with the own religion, but she was strictly Catholic. When we were in the Sacred Valley I was thirsty and there was a little waterfall, I asked to the lady with the camera of my parents if I could drink from that water and she exclaimed “Of course! That’s Lord’s Water”, I still can remember that she pronounced it with capitals :D, I understood that the water was from the lord or owner of that part of the valley and guessed she was afraid that him could have heard my offending question. In the afternoon I noted that I was catching a cold and the water felt freeze so I threw it, suddenly I noticed the lady was staring me with surprised and shocked eyes and a shadow of anger. Late I realized that her “lord” was her Lord Jesus…

In my defense, because I try to be careful to don’t offend the beliefs of others, I can’t imagine why Jesus would be the owner of a land unknown to anybody from the Middle East until a few centuries ago…

The lady perhaps paid me because that, at the end of the travel, with blurred photographs mostly about my classmates XP