A thin line of yellow flowers

a thin line of yellow flowers

Probably the lady is typing or reading a sms in her cell phone. The colorful fabric in her back is an aguayo, every place has its own design so I can see if a lady comes from Puno, Cuzco, La Paz, Huancavelica, and a few distant cities more. Usually the designs from Bolivia are less colorful, to Bolivians instead our designs have so much color in them. The hat is an style women adopted when British came to build trains and railways in the nineteenth century. I’m not sure if the hats we men use have the same origin. Women use more or less the same clothing as in thousands of years ago. After the rebellion of a nobleman in the end of the eighteenth century, Tupac Amaru II, Spaniards decided that men shouldn’t use our symbols or style so we had to dress like Spanish peasants (lol), so there is no sense to us to use traditional cloths because those belong to another reality.

8 thoughts on “A thin line of yellow flowers

  1. That is fascinating. Yes, these traditions tell a story. It’s an interesting photo to combine all these old and new traditions. I just hope there won’t be nearby new traditions of Starbucks or McDonalds.

    1. Thanks for your thoughtful commentary Vincent. Actually there are some malls and franchises but as our culture is living every new culture is enriching us and we are enriching that culture, for example the French fries uses varieties of one of thousand varieties of potato (we domesticated it); the advertising in the malls are in three languages, Spanish, Quechua and Aymara; and if the nearby Starbucks would open a store I’m sure they would use our coffee that has won several world prizes.
      Coca Cola promotes from decades our celebrations to our sacred Apus (hills), so they actually now are part of us and we are part of them, the same way the world adopt our potato and we adopted the British hats. I like to think that we are very open and universal and that makes us less susceptible to end in xenophobia or even worse in a piece of museum that conserve the body but not the spirit.
      Kind regards,

      1. @”French fries” – after the French gov’s opposition to the ILLEGAL war, invasion and occupation of Iraq, the “smart” wbushy-administration started France and French stupid bashing, one of them was to change “French fries” into “freedom fries”!!! hellooo & dahhh!!!
        * * *
        Apus = sunset – in Romanian…:-)
        * * *
        @”we had to dress like Spanish peasants (lol)” – una aberración!!!

      2. That’s ridiculous as so many things in that war (with horrible effects until today), although it was appropriate because the French decision was more akin to the real freedom of choice ;-)

        Apu was the first word you taught me months ago, it’s beautiful word for the sunset and I save it with affection for you :-)

        Yes, it was an aberración, but Spaniards did it to defend their weakened institutions, (the revolution was in 1780 and the independence in 1821) They did terrible things but after they were expulsed, their descendants (latinos), the mestizos and the natives, all of our ancestors continued to make horrible aberraciones. I guess it’s part of our human nature.

    1. Proszę Wanda ^_^, and thanks for the documental, I just finished to see it. In the state of the investigations it’s believed that it was what happened (this is not related to the video but our investigators):
      *Spaniards first were a pair of years in the coast north, but their deceases expanded across the Empire (population calculated in 11-22 millions) decimating the population and damaging the economy.
      *Our Inca (whose title is more akin to emperor, because Qhapaq is the equivalent to King) died and there was a succession war.
      *The Empire has just one hundred years and the kingdoms from the Centre wanted to trade alliance for freedom. But they never get that freedom. Until this day they are like a different part in the country. They were the Spaniard muscle.
      *Spaniards kidnapped first Inca Atahualpa and, even using their bibles as a book for lying (I think that that means they didn’t believe in their god), kidnapped the Capital Qosqo (misspelled Cuzco or Cusco) with everyone of our institutions, the armies, the schools, and the knowledge. The same way when illiterate western European nobles destroyed the surviving books from the Classic Greek and Roman periods in the surviving Roman Empire, Byzantium, they destroyed our culture (they even destroyed our system of public water and sewerage because they didn’t understand the concept of hygiene)
      *Spain ended the high culture as in the Chinese Cultural Revolution.
      *After the independence the Peruvians continued the destruction. For example was a Peruvian archeologist who guided the Greenpeace destruction to the Nazca’s lines days ago.
      *The jungle was never fully conquered nor invaded.
      The one thing I’m not sure seeing the video was about the role of women, in our wars they also fought because our patriarchal-matriarchal system, but probably the archeologist didn’t find evidence that they fought in that specific battle.

      Is winter in Poland, I hope you are well and the family of geese is save. Take care so much Wanda n_n Pozdrowienia.

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