17 thoughts on “And… How are you going to find me?

    1. It’s a calm night, thanks Goergette :-), I know December is a busy time so I appreciate a lot your visit and since you are here I wish you great holidays with your family, hoping for you everything was good this year and better the next :-)
      Kind regards from someone who feels fortunate to read your words and poetry and is thankful for your gentleness.

  1. you do know all the meanings of “blue”: azul, amoratado, deprimente, triste… your photo looks like a dashboard(panneau/tableau de bord/contrôle)… you need to check out all the settings(réglages)… you have the necessary tools and you’re THE main user… be careful: parfois, les apparences et les liens peuvent tromper = sometimes, appearances and links may be deceiving…;-)
    * * *
    buenas noches, joven léon y una vieja canción preciosa: Vicky Leandros – l’amour est bleu…:-)

    * * *
    P.S. Vicky is Greek, but she started her career in France and in… French!:-)

    1. P.S. un bonus de la même époque que je fredonne ce matin… you may have watched the movie “cria cuervos” directed by Carlos Saura?…:-)

    2. To me blue, my favorite color, has the meaning of the happiness in the freedom, like fly in infinite skies. But with your observation now I understand the sad emphasis in the comments XD, certainly that wasn’t my intention, I just wanted to say that if I want something then there is no impossible ;-) I wonder if it’s a particularity of me or a cultural difference between us and westerners, similar to white/red that in the Western world means peace/blood and inversely in the Asian world it’s death/love. I’ll be more careful to next posts.

      The photograph are boxes in the post office. I liked so much the whit rhythm in the blue grid.

      I didn’t know about film director Carlos Saura, actually the little differences between European Spanish and American Spanish are enough to have a hard time to understand the dialogues. But Spain has gifted several talented directors so I’m going to search him with a cinephile friend. “Cría cuervos”… and they’ll peak out your eyes. Fortunately scientists can study that very smart bird.

      Thanks for present me to Vicky lady, Mélanie :-) she was a rossignol to my morning; mother loves to listen to Jeanette and I’m sure she came to Peru. From our music in the center (another civilization different to the southern mine although both native) there is a style to play the European guitar with native notes, to me is exotic and to you it could be much more, but probably you could find it interesting. Un gran saludo desde la tierra al inicio del verano :-)

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