Trees – A (Dedicated to an olive tree climber)

come closer friend

come closer, friend

I’m afraid that there are not trees from the jungle but that’s nothing that a bit of time and money cannot solve (the hard part is to get the money XD) These trees are from the Andean Plateau and the valleys in the desert.

Four casual friends talk

four casual friends talk

I don't care I'm going to scape

I don’t care. I am scaping now!

isolated a


above the city a tree wants to be free

above the city a tree wants to be free

forest of succa aya

forest of Succa Aya

No time for rest

no time for rest

Now is time to grow up

now is time to grow up

I want to touch the sky

I want to touch the sky

three with tree fingers

three with tree fingers

let yourself go

let yourself go

serene march

serene march

hey cross what are you doing

hey, Cross! what are you doing?!

tired trees

tired trees

can you hear us

Can you hear us?!

Cúpula entrevista

cúpula entrevista




And that’s all for today, I hope you find one akin to your spirit ;-)

9 thoughts on “Trees – A (Dedicated to an olive tree climber)

  1. muchas gracias, FR… you’ve deeply touched mi corazón de cabrita…<3
    * * *
    @"Let yourself go…" – I do, I do… remember that I'm as free as an olive tree…;-)
    * * *
    no celebro navidad porque yo no soy un creyente cristiana – remember soy simplemente Mélanie – y mis padres (RIP) nacieron ambos en 25 de diciembre…
    * * *
    bonne et joyeuse fin de décembre et un 2015 exceptionnel!:-) con pensamientos amistoso y cariñosos, Mélanita-cabrita de Tolosa, Francia…:-)

    1. You already touched mine a time ago :-)
      You are Mélanie, “just” is little for what I think about you.
      I’m not commenting about Christmas posts because to me it’s part of other beliefs, but I understand the frenzy in those days so I hope people can give you a more tranquil day to remember your parents.
      Your parents gift a marvelous person in you, That’s something that nobody could say about my parents, but still I fight to change that.
      Zodiacal signs, calendar days or even birthdays have no much meaning to me. We had another calendars and another constellations, but I appreciate a lot your wishes because I know they aren’t due to calendars but they are your genuine generosity to a distant person that sometimes feels an undeserved kindness towards him.
      Beautifu apus, I write it in Romanian of course :-); true friendship and true love, doors always open; new ports; champagne and chocolates; and surprises that make flourish smiles in you dear Mélanie. Gracias por todo :-)
      Francis desde el Sur del Perú.

      1. hola y mil gracias à ti, FR aka Monsieur Lion por su amable comentario @ mi campo de juegos y aquí… you did catch the meaning and the idea of my sentences…:-) la distancia geográfica que nos separa es enorme, pero mis pensamientos y deseos son completamente desinteresados, sinceros, incondicionales… you may have heard of the French author-composer-singer-poet Serge Gainsbourg(RIP)…? why?… wish you un 2015 érotique avec du genuine champagne & dark chocolate!:-)))

      2. Tu español es hermoso Mélanie :-)
        Today I’m richer because I learnt about Serge Gainsbourg, still there are a lot I ignore about the world, but never is late to learn so I’m going to read more about him to understand you correctly.
        Saludos desde Juliaca y sus lluvias de verano ^_^

      3. you’re sooo right: it’s NEVER too late to lear… so, go FR, go!;-)
        tu es très gentil con migo, sé que mi español es aproximado(LOL!), pero mas importante es descifrar, comunicarse, conversar – porque vivimos en una época de comunicación…:-)

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