6 thoughts on “Moon in fields of bokeh

  1. my quick translation:

    j’aime penser dans ton silence comme la lumière (faite) d’argent d’une lune lointaine à travers des champs de soleils faibles(fragiles).

    J’aime penser dans ton silence.

    1. Thank you Mélanie, I feel honored ^_^, I admire your translations, them are faithful to the spirit, and in some ways the body or words always cleaner and honier :-)
      Today there was a strong sun and after that an electric storm with cold rains. this is the summer in the highlands. I hope you got the opportunity to do something special today that is a special, and quite personal, day to you.

      1. avec joie et avec plaisir, FR… I do special things almost all year long… so Dec 25th has been a resting day under the comforter…;-))) btw, I NEVER use my laptop and/or cellphone in bed!!! I’m serious, NO exception to this rule.

      2. I imagine that even your resting is productive ^_^
        I suspected about your use of the internet, your comments and posts always are lucid, and for that I don’t read nor comment you if I’m not in my five senses plus the sixth that is the one of the humor ;-)

    1. Thanks Doris, although sometimes the silence is just in one side, and I understand, we all need a time for ourselves now and then.
      Greetings from faraway :-)

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