Rain over you, rain over me

rain over you rain over me

This is another photograph from a bus in the highlands of the Andean Plateau. This time I used a Marumi polarizer because they can be very effective to reduce reflections. The only downside is that they block a bit of light and that is the reason you have to consider the best polarizers, so you can have better use of them in twilight or dawn.

A yellow ocean made of ichu under a thin atmosphere before the storm :-)

12 thoughts on “Rain over you, rain over me

      1. May be. But all vastness has gone, too many people, meanwhile. That is, in Western Europe. In Eastern Europe still one may find large unhibited places and sceneries.

      1. OK, you got me! :)

        Didn’t thought about Icecland … :)

        But I doubt Iceland could take 260 people per square kilometer as e.g. in other European countries. Therefore, it’s a unique country with it’s unique environment. :)

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