-“Quick!, the princess is coming!” said the blue gargoyle.

-“Aye, we can take her back there to the dark castle meanwhile her cortege is busy” replied the red gargoyle.


I shot the photograph in the carnival of the previous year in my city, I had a fraction of second to made it so it wasn’t time to adjust the shutter then the motion. The carnival in Juliaca is actually a party that blends the European carnival with a celebration that was practiced since mythological ages. It’s for that not touristic but traditional (the dancers dance to win not for tourists)

Girls dance with quite beautiful dresses. It’s very different to the western cities in the coast that play the carnival as westerners or “latinos”, I’m not latino but native and that is quite different (not Catholic, Spanish just for business, not salsa XP). Those dresses are quite sexy so when child I found it quite boring, and now that I’m adult sadly I’ve no time to go. But I couldn’t participate, the dances are darn difficult and their goal is ceremonial so you cannot fail. For that I just learnt to dance tango, it has just eight paths and there is nobody yelling you if you aren’t doing it wrong. I mean, I prefer to do things for fun or for a real reason, not traditions or for the vanity of an authority.

3 thoughts on “Princess

    1. Who could guess that mayors or presidents (the old military dictators in 70’s before I birth) would be so vain, giant portraits, hymns and parades XD

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